Mixed Feelings: The End of Summer

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, Mixed Feelings:  The End of Summer

I have mixed feelings at this time of year.  I’m sad about the end of summer but looking forward to autumn.  Ever since I was a school girl, then a teacher and now a “school mum” I’ve felt simultaneously both worried and excited about “back to school” time.  Either way it gives me butterflies!  This year our holidays have been broken up with the kids big trips to Switzerland and PGL and I don’t feel we  have made the most of the school break.

We’ve also been limited by sickness, first Danny had flu.  He was very tired and achey but recovered after lots of rest.  The girls have now been struck with coughs, colds and headaches.  I planned to go to the beach this weekend for one last long summer beach day before school but instead we’re cosying up with blankets, lemsips and cough sweets.

I keep reminding myself that the fun times don’t suddenly come to an end once the kids are back in school.  Weekends will once again be reserved for fun family time and our favourite beaches and attractions will be quiet once more.  I need to make a wish list of new places to visit and old places to revisit to ensure I tick them all off!

I’m usually a lot more organised, we’re not at all physically ready for school yet.  We replaced quite a lot of school shoes and bags at the end of last year so not everything needs to be bought new.  I always remember my dad telling me that he had the same canvas satchel all the way through school and he mended it each year.  Only Rebecca and Danny need new “big coats” as we have lots of lovely coats to pass down to the younger two girls.  They still need lots of wear!  I need to pick up the girl’s school uniform this Monday (they start Tuesday) and pick up new socks, tights, stationery and lunch boxes (I’m not choosing fabric ones this year as they don’t last so long!) then I think we’re good to go!

I’m craving getting back into a routine again.  I planned to keep to a routine of sorts during the holidays but I wasn’t successful!  We’ve have lots of lay ins and lazy days instead.  We’ve caught up with lots of sewing, knitting, reading and DVDS during this time so it’s not all bad!  

On Tuesday I’ll miss the kids and the house will feel too quiet.  But I’m looking forward to giving it a good declutter and clean.  I’ll have time to work and blog once more (sorry for the lack of posts over summer- I have lots to catch up on!).  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I know we all appreciate each other a little more when we have some independent time.

I also planned to get fit and decorate the house over summer but that really didn’t happen (one run and counting- eek!).  Hopefully a new school routine will help in that respect.  

I really hope the kids settle back into school happily and like their new classes.  I know Danny will love lessons in his GCSE choices but he won’t be so happy in the compulsory (and arguably most important!) ones (sigh!).  

We’ve got birthdays to look forward to – first Caitlyn’s then Rebecca’s (and quite a few other family birthdays in this season actually!).  Then it’s Halloween, Bonfire Night and it really won’t be long until … Christmas (sorry!).  

Wishing everyone a happy return to school (and unschool/homeschool etc too of course!).  How do you feel about this time of year?  xxx

, Mixed Feelings:  The End of Summer

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