Four Ways to Soothe Foot Pain

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, Four Ways to Soothe Foot Pain

Our feet work hard every day we need to look after them.  Like many people, I have aching feet most days so I often use the following tips.  For some though it can be a lot worse.  When your feet are so painful that you can’t take a step without outwardly grimacing, something has to be done to alleviate your suffering. Excruciating foot pain can occur after a lifetime of wearing improperly fitted shoes. You may also have severe foot pain as a result of an undiagnosed injury or from hurting a part of your body like your knee or shin bones. These four practical solutions for people who have unrelenting pain in their feet will make the aching and suffering go away on a permanent basis.:

1. Soak Your Feet in Hot Water 

A relaxing foot soak can reduce foot pain in the time that it takes to fill up a basin with warm water and stick your feet in. Epsom salt and lavender oil add an extra luxury touch to the standard foot soak for foot pain sufferers. Keep your aching feet in your foot soak as long as you need to start feeling the pain dissipate, but be sure to talk to your doctor if your regular foot soaks don’t seem to help with your painful situation.  

2. Try Wide Fit Shoes 

Your shoes may feel like they fit perfectly when you initially slip them on, but if they feel swollen or you can’t get them off without a bit of tugging they are likely much too narrow. People with wide feet, as well as those who experience foot swelling, can get relief from wide fit shoes. If you want to stop your feet from hurting because they swell, then a pair of shoes that have an overall wide fit will make a big difference. You can find such shoes on trusted websites such as who are approved by over 9000 health specialists and have been working in the industry for more than 50 years.  

3. Put Insoles in Your Shoes 

Sometimes you need to change the type of shoes that you wear and other times you just need to make some changes to the structure of your footwear. Try loosening up the laces on your shoes if you find that swelling becomes a problem. Alternatively, placing insoles on the bottoms of your shoes may help to alleviate excruciating foot pain, especially if it is centralised to the soles of  your feet. Various types of insoles are made for people to wear in their casual footwear, athletic shoes, and even high heels.  

4. Give Yourself Foot Massages (or better still ask someone else)

If you have a cramp in your foot that just won’t go away, massaging and flexing your foot muscles could be the best solution. Pulling your toes back as you stretch your feet and massage the areas that feel tense should help with excruciating foot pain. A lot of people who wear high heels and accidentally shorten their foot arches can feel pain whenever they walk on flat surfaces without support. You can make your feet feel a lot better by massaging, relaxing, stretching and flexing your feet until the cramping in your arches no longer persists. 

Foot pain is not something that you can wish away or stop thinking about with determined focus alone. First you must find a way to practically relieve excruciating foot pain. After that, you will have to do something else to keep whatever has been causing your feet to hurt excessively from being a factor in your life again. 

What are your top tips to soothe foot pain?

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, Four Ways to Soothe Foot Pain

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