Car Servicing: Five Ways To Prepare Your Car for Winter

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, Car Servicing:  Five Ways To Prepare Your Car for Winter

In the UK as we head into autumn the temperature has taken a drop reminding us of the even colder spells ahead.  Before we drive into winter, now is the perfect time to prepare your car for the frosts to come.  Read on for a handy checklist of five ways to prepare your car ready for winter:

, Car Servicing:  Five Ways To Prepare Your Car for Winter

1.  Check Your Exterior Lights

The clocks go back next month on October 29th and it’s already getting darker earlier.  As driving in the dark becomes more frequent during the autumn and winter months it’s important to make sure all your lights are in good working order, to help your visibility and ensure you can be seen by other drivers.

  • Clean and check your lights regularly
  • Carry spare bulbs in your dashboard storage in case of failure

2.  Check Screen Wash

As wintry weather is often wet you’ll use your windscreen wipers more often.  My own screen wash warning light came on this week due to increased usage.   Open the windscreen washer bottle under the bonnet, and fill it with screen wash to ensure you can keep your windscreen clean.  The screen wash will also prevent your water jets from freezing (as it has a lower freezing temp than water alone).

  • Top up your screen wash 

3.  Winter Tyres

If you drive long distances frequently in winter then consider investing in winter tyres (they offer better grip in snow and ice).  Personally I keep my current tyres but more sure they’re in good condition ready for winter.  Check the tred depth (the legal limit is 1.6 mm but having more is recommended for improved steering and breaking.  The cold weather will lower your tyre pressure.  Modern cars have an automatic tyre pressure sensor.  If not it’s important to check your tyre pressure manually.  Pump up the tyre if needed.  My car came with a compact air compressor but if yours didn’t then I suggest you invest in one.

  • Check tyre tred depth
  • Check tyre pressure and inflate if needed

4.  Pack Your Car For Winter

Pack your car ready for winter.  I always make sure I have de-icer and a scraper ready for our winter frost.  I also like to pack a torch and a blanket to keep warm if stranded. 


  • De-icer and scraper
  • Blanket
  • Torch

5.  Get a Professional Car Service

If you haven’t got time to prepare your car for winter then ask an expert to do this for you.  You could get a winter car check or a full car service (always keep your service schedule up to date).  It’s even easier to book cars in for a service nowadays as it can often be done online, for example, if you live in Wakefield you can book Car Servicing online from Ossett Tyre House.

  • Book a winter car check
  • Book a car service

Unfortunately winter car accidents can still happen.  Remember to keep your insurance details in your car so you can can ring them on the spot.  If you are injured you can ring the Accident Advice Helpline for more advice.

By following these five ways to prepare your car for winter you can continue to enjoy many more road travels and adventures during the winter months.  

Where will the road take you?

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, Car Servicing:  Five Ways To Prepare Your Car for Winter

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