Cameron Blakely brings wit, humour, passion and also compassion to his role as Gomez.  Listen to his performance of “Not Today” below.  It’s truly outstanding.


Comparing the previews of earlier performances to the current, Samantha Womack has really gained confidence in her performance of Morticia in the musical.  Apart from that amazing jawline and those cheekbones she was unrecognisable as herself and was a very poised stage presence with a stunning voice and fabulous dancing.

Les Dennis was also completely unrecognisable as the incorrigible Uncle Fester.  The audience loved him, especially as in his role as narrator he could make some pantomime style puns directly to the audience.  I loved Les Dennis’ humour as a child- in particular his Mavis impression so it was great to see a new generation of children (as well as adults of course) appreciating his comic talents too.

Dickon Gough was great as Lurch- the slow movements and deeeeep voice were spot on, although it must be said that he saves the best for last- he had the audience in stitches at the end of the show.  

Dale Rapley. Charlotte Page and Oliver Ormson are a stellar cast as the Beinekes and I have to mention the ancestors:  Kathryn Barnes, Jessica Buckby, Perola Congo, Christopher D Hunt, Gavin Eden, Jacob Fisher, Kirsty Ingram, Rhona McGregor, Scott Paige and Jak Skelly as they were all amazing.

“Thing” also made an appearance at one point playing the banjo with Uncle Fester, although Cousin Itt does not (maybe he’s in the chimney throughout!).  

The cast put their heart and soul into their roles and I wish them all the best with the rest of the tour!


, The Addams Family: The Musical Comedy Tour, Wales Millennium Centre Review

We thoroughly enjoyed The Addams Family: The Musical Comedy.  It’s suitable for children from age 7 years and up.  I know my 8 year old would have loved it and my ten year old cetainly did!  It’s not scary but there are some sexual references.  Just as pantomime is a great way of introducing children to live theatre, I think The Addams Family makes a great first introduction to musicals with all the pizzazz of a Broadway Musical at that.

I can also see this musical becoming a cult musical for families, many audience members dress up and the message of being yourself, quirks and all will always be an important one.

“Define normal?”

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

Gomez Addams

As Hope Fletcher told Broadway World:

“The whole show is about “What is normal?” – everyone’s idea of it is different, so normal doesn’t really exist. You should do whatever feels natural and not worry about conforming or being judged. I think that’s a really positive message.”

I thought the cast, creatives and orchestra deserved a full standing ovation for the Wednesday (the day of the week in this instance) performance, I myself stood and gave them a hearty applause but the majority of the audience remained seated.  This could possibly have been down to many first time theatre goers being attracted to the show due to the cult films.  I know recently I’ve encountered fellow audience members who truly don’t understand standing ovations (indeed I was recently tapped and shouted at to sit down during a much deserved standing ovation for Billy Elliott) and others who because of the  current exceptionally high standards of live theatre reserve their standing ovation for very few performances.

Sadly, we couldn’t head to the stage door to congratulate the cast after the show as we were determined not to miss the last train out of Cardiff Bay but thank you for a funny, feel good, amazing musical show!

The Addams Family:  The Family Musical Tour continues at Wales Millennium Centre until 12th August and then travels to Dublin from 15th – 26th August (find all tour dates here).

We received a pair of tickets for purposes of review.


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