Prep the kids for rain with some colourful accessories

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, Prep the kids for rain with some colourful accessories

Come rain or shine, it’s good to be prepared and this line-up of waterproof gear is so fun and colourful the kids won’t want to take them off. Gone are plain school coats, swapped instead for this season’s patterns on jackets and inspiration from the latest movies for rainwear. In this post I’ll also cover cool wellies, outfits for the muddiest of days and hats that crossover from summer sun to British showers.

Flamingo and Butterfly Jackets

, Prep the kids for rain with some colourful accessoriesYou might be sick of the words ‘put your coat back on’, but you won’t have that problem with some of the gorgeous fairytale jackets out there to keep them dry when playing in the rain. The girls’ coats from Tu cover flamingos, butterflies, cats, flowers, My Little Pony and tropical prints, so there are choices for all different ages and tastes. A favourite in our household is the flamingo print jacket, with a blue geometric background.

Movie Inspired jackets

A good way to get kids into wearing waterproofs is to inspire them with the latest movies. This year there are lots of angles to go from, with releases from Cars, Despicable Me, Spiderman and Ninjago. You could tempt tweens with an emoji-adorned coat, care of The Emoji Movie. If none of these films appeal to your little one, I say you can never go wrong with a camouflage print. What’s more, it hides all those mud-splats too.

, Prep the kids for rain with some colourful accessories


Normally, even with kids’ shoes, you go muted or block colour, but it’s time to let loose with wellies. Again, they can choose their favourite character or girls can add a dash of fun with some stylish glitter wellies. Okay, so they probably won’t stay sparkly for long, but hopefully your daughter will be tempted with a game of uncover the glitter, involving a bucket of soapy water after they’ve been splashing in puddles.

Rain suit or waterproof trousers

If you have a little mud-magnet you might want to go the whole hog with an all-in-one rain suit or some waterproof trousers to go with their bright and cheery new rain jacket. The best ones are pack-away and come in a little bag, so you can store them in the car or a day bag in case you get caught in a shower. After they’ve got dirty and wet, just fold them away and they’re ready to go in the wash as soon as you get home.

Waterproof hat

There’s no need to buy a special rain hat when you can make one yourself – and I’m not talking about getting the sewing machine out. Often cotton summer hats come in a pack of two so you have a spare one, or your little one might have a favourite hat that they won’t be seen dead without, but it’ll be too small by next summer. In that case, get some cotton waterproof spray and turn it into a waterproof hat in a jiffy.

What patterns are a hit in your household at the moment? And do you have any tips for rainwear?

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, Prep the kids for rain with some colourful accessories

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