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Friday, 4 August 2017

Life Lately- The Summer Holidays Begin

So, since our last Life Lately, the kids have broken up for the school holidays.  The first week was taken up with organising and packing for Rebecca's trip to Switzerland and Danny's trip to PGL (not to mention our mini break while we dropped Danny off!) so we didn't get up to much.  

Nanny, Jo and Ceri took Caitlyn and Isabelle to Oakwood one day so I could shop with Danny and Rebecca (those last minute items are always the most expensive, aren't they?).

I did manage to have one day out with the kids in this first week.  We went to Holyland Woods in Pembroke (you can read about a previous visit to the "Fairy Woods" here).

Rebecca made flag bunting to represent her trip to France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.  She decided to make this months ago but eventually only started sewing two days before the trip.  I'm so relieved that she managed to finish it.  It looks lovely hung up at the back of the coach.  I can't wait to have another evening sipping tea and sewing with her once she's home.

The day before they left we packed her suitcase onto the coach.  Departure day came around quickly.  We had to meet early morning.  By some miracle we managed to get all the kids up early and Rebecca made the group photo and we waved her off.  There were tears, it wasn't easy to say goodbye but once we got back to the car we were straight on the road to Grantham so this took my mind off Rebecca being away from us.

Being on the road so early meant it was nice and quiet and the journey went quickly.  We even had time to pop to our hotel (Premier Inn Grantham) before dropping Danny to PGL Caythorpe Court for his youth weekend with Little Heart Matters, a charity who support individuals and families affected by single ventricle conditions, in Danny's case Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  

We settled Danny and then went back to the hotel with just the two kids.  The following day we went to Sherwood Forest.  It was an amazing day and I hope we can return with the older kids one day.

That night we dined in the hotel restaurant which the kids loved as there was soft play!

The next day didn't go  quite to plan as well as the first.  I wanted to continue the Robin Hood theme and visit Nottingham Castle and the Robin Hood Statue.  We ended up exploring country houses, first Belton House and then Kelham Hall .  At Kelham there was free parking, play parks, grounds to explore (the kids loved pretending to be statues) and then a lovely nature walk where we spotted dragonflies.  So the day had a slow start but turned out well.  

Sunday evening we picked up Danny.  He'd had an amazing time at PGL but was very tired so we relaxed back at the hotel and let him lay in the following day.  We had considered going straight home but decided to break up our journey with an overnight stop along the way.

We stayed at a lovely 15th century riverside inn, The Lower Lode.   Our rooms were spacious with stunning views.  We enjoyed a riverside walk and a play on the tree swings too.  The kids loved meeting the pet dog and the river swans.

Sometimes spontaneous stops are the best and I hope we return to The Lower Lode Inn one day.   The next day we stopped at Bridgend on the way home for Pizza Hut and a film.   Spider-Man: Homecoming was enjoyed by all.  Then we finally made our way home.

Arriving home, it suddenly felt more real that Rebecca is away and I'm definitely missing her more.  The other kids keep me busy but during the (rare!) quiet moments I have a cry.  I can't wait to see her Sunday.  I feel like the holidays are on hold until she's home.

During our first day home we had a lazy day.  I had lots planned but felt exhausted.  The kids played while I caught up with the laundry (yay!).  I also finished watching Anne with an E on Netflix (there were only seven episodes!).  I now want to reread all my Anne books and rewatch the old series.  

Yesterday, Thursday, Danny caught up with friends while me and the girls explored Neyland Marina.  It feels like Autumn!

We'll have to make a plan once Rebecca's home to make sure we fit in all the fun things we want to do before the kids return to school!  As usual, the holidays are flying by!

I hope everyone's well and enjoying the holidays! xxx


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