Work: 4 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Sell Their Art Work

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, Work:  4 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Sell Their Art Work

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to become a successful artist. The industry is highly competitive and filled with new and upcoming talent. If you are part of the art industry, you should have a positive attitude that would keep you motivated regardless of your circumstances.  

, Work:  4 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Sell Their Art Work

It is important not to lose track of your ambitions and goals. Whether you are successful or not, every artist should sell their art work to get some form of value out of your hard work. Times have changed and fortunately more avenues have been created for upcoming artists to sell their work locally and internationally.

Let’s look at the four reasons why every artist should sell their artwork.

Getting Exposure and Building Connections

New and upcoming artists usually spend years struggling to gain fame and recognition, which is why they should take every opportunity thrown at them to get noticed. You can look to create your own website, conduct open studio tours, and even participate in art shows and festivals to gain visibility. These have the potential to put your work out in front of potential buyers.

Having your art work displayed in art galleries is an easy way to get the required exposure you need to impress serious buyers and critics. The other advantage of having your work placed in an art gallery is that it allows you to connect with industry leaders and art critics who can teach you important tricks of the trade.

Build Your Online Presence

We live in a time where artists have more avenues than ever to sell their work. It’s important to create a portfolio and have a fan following; the more you are talked about, the higher the chances of your work being sold. Whether you are looking to sell acrylic artwork or canvas paintings, an artist should build an online presence through a website, blog, or social media platforms. Through your online space, you can easily attract people who may not be collectors, but might need paintings and artwork to display at their home or workplace.

However, there are also many other ways you can build an online presence and sell your paintings, canvas art prints or even personalised home décor, without having to go through the hassle of creating your own website and building your audience from scratch. A recommended option for artists is to

sell art online through a marketplace. One that I have found to be successful is Fine Art America, they have an already built community of art buyers and it’s easy to open up an account, select the products you’d like to sell, upload images of them and then sell them for the prices you wish them to be sold for. Not only do they allow you to sell your artwork to millions of people around the world but they also provide sale and market tools to all artists which will help in accelerate their careers as well as make it an easier process!

Create Stability in Your Life

At some point in their lives, all artists have to struggle in terms of their professional life, financial standing and career. In order to

keep their dream alive, they should try to sell their art to collectors, critics and those who want fancy décor options. This can not only provide them financial stability, but also allow them to experiment with more mediums and create art on a bigger scale. As an upcoming or even established artist, you will need money to ensure your own professional growth.

Maintain Your Reputation

Many artists agree that being

showcased at art galleries, art shows, festivals and online platforms has helped them gain respect and recognition in the eyes of collectors and critics. Just like any other profession, it’s important to build your resume by selling more art work. It also helps an artist stay relevant; the art industry is highly competitive with many struggling artists, which is why you need to keep selling your work.

Artists should try to sell their artwork as it helps them in more than one way. The last thing any artist would want is being lost in the ever-increasing number of artists emerging every day.

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, Work:  4 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Sell Their Art Work

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  1. , Work:  4 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Sell Their Art Work
    Ashleigh Allan
    July 31, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    I wish I was good at art. I'm dreadful but my daughter's really good. Must get it from her dad

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