Travel: My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

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, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

I’m currently still editing our holiday photos and videos.  The posts are coming soon, I promise but to give you all a sneak preview here are my five top favourite holiday moments from our Al Fresco Break at Camping Le Mediterranee Plage, Portiragnes Plage in the South of France: 

, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

1.  Pool Fun

We love “pool time” while on holiday.  I have lovely photos of everyone splashing about in the pool and coming down the water slides.  At the end of the holiday I managed to get a photo of me with all of the kids too.  One of my absolute favourite moments of our break was swimming in the sea and jumping with the waves.  I would love a waterproof camera so I can capture these moments in the future.

, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

2.  Portiragnes Plage

While there was lots to do at the holiday park just a short walk across the stunning beach brought us to the small town of Portiragnes Plage.  Here there were seaside restaurants, bars and shops.  We enjoyed wine, delicious meals and picked up some souvenirs.  My favourite shop was a Book Shop where I managed to pick up a copy of “Babar Sa Fille Isabelle” for my little girl Isabelle.  There was also the beach (and beach bar) and a lovely park for the kids to play.

, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

3.  Wine on the Beach

One of my holiday dreams was to sit on the Mediterranean beach in the evening while enjoying French wine.  It wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped as we often had other plans with the campsite entertainment, or the kids were too hot and tired and also the beach access to our park closed at night.  On the last night we made a point of ticking this activity off our wish list.  I love this photo of my mum relaxing and enjoying wine on the beach.

, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

4.  Beziers

From Portiragnes Plage, we could catch a bus to the city of Beziers.  It wasn’t the easiest of days out (Danny struggled with walking in the heat and by the end of the day I think we all did) but it was so worth it and we would definitely spend more time in Beziers next time.  We saw two sides of Beziers- from the modern shopping centre, Polygone Beziers to the Medieval narrow cobbled lanes of the old town leading to the Romanesque Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire-et-Saint-Celse de Béziers.

, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

5.  Family

Of course the best part about our holiday was spending time with family.  We didn’t get many shots of us altogether so I’m really pleased that we got one picture of “Team Med” on this wonderful Mediterranean beach (we very nearly didn’t I have to admit!).  I think this would make a beautiful canvas.

Capturing Memories

Once I’ve sorted through my (thousands of!) holiday photos and wrote the blog posts then I want to have our favourite photos printed so we can treasure them.  I’d love to make a Truprint photo book  to gift to our fellow holiday makers and one for the kids to keep to look through.  

What are you favourite #holidaymoments?  How do you treasure your holiday memories?

, Travel:  My Favourite Holiday Moments – France #holidaymoments

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