The Importance of Good Quality Office Furniture

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, The Importance of Good Quality Office Furniture

Although I work from home I don’t actually have a home office.  My usual work space is at the dining table, I admit I have even been known to work on the sofa or on the floor on occasions (you don’t see that in a professional work space do you?).  In this house we will never have the space for an office room but I do need to create a more professional (and organised) work space for myself- I have major desk envy of many of my fellow blogging colleagues!  Here are five reasons why good quality office furniture is so important:

1.  Motivation

Having an inviting work space to come to each morning would definitely motivate me to sit down and get on with my work for the day.

2.  Convenience

Lets face it, working at the dining table isn’t convenient.  I have to pack away each evening before teatime and usually unpack again after to continue with work into the evening.  A dedicated work space would be easier to organise.

3.  Perception

In a public office you are effectively “judged” by your desk space, people have more respect towards a professional and tidy office space.  In my own home, a clear office space can define to my family when I’m in “work mode” and when I’m just lounging around watching Netflix (not that it happens often of course.  Ahem).

4.  Aesthetics

Whether your work space is in your home or an office, it’s important that it looks good.  In terms of furniture, there are styles to suit everyone.  There are lots of office desks from F@W to choose from, as well as office chairs.  Once those essentials are purchased you can style your office with accessories, succulents and motivational quotes to turn your office space into somewhere you want to come and work.

5.  Comfort

I’ve saved the best (and most important for last).  People always says that a mattress is the most important thing you can buy as we spend a lot of time sleeping.  If that’s the case then a good office chair is equally important as many of us spend a lot of time working.  A good office chair (paired with the appropriate desk) can keep your back health, help you maintain correct posture and minimise headaches.

Do you work from home?  What are your tips for a home office?

, The Importance of Good Quality Office Furniture

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