Home: Would You Consider a Key Free Door?

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, Home:  Would You Consider a Key Free Door?

On more than one occasion I’ve found myself clicking my car key fob towards our house door and expecting it to magically unlock (please tell me I’m not the only person who has done this?).  My kids find it very amusing, but when I’m struggling up the garden path with the weekly food shop (note to self:  start online food shopping) there have been many times I’ve wished this was actually possible.

, Home:  Would You Consider a Key Free Door?

It turns out that I’ve been living in the past and key-free locks are already available.  With key-free locks you can choose how you lock and unlock your door- through the use of a PIN code, using your smartphone or a remote fob (amazing!).

, Home:  Would You Consider a Key Free Door?

Could this be the end of keys?  Will we all ditching the traditional key lock when we upgrade our doors (we’re considering a composite front door as they’re made from a combination of the most beneficial materials meaning the old door flaws have effectively been designed out.  It’s like evolution for doors).  

When I had my very first car key fob, I still had the option to open the car using the key.  Nowadays with only a key-less car lock, I can’t imagine putting a key in a car door to open it.  It’s interesting how things change and we get used to them.

My main concerns with having a key-free lock installed would be:

  •  Are they secure?

  • What if someone tries to guess my PIN code?

  • What happens when the power runs out?

You’ll be pleased to hear that Yale Keyfree locks are secure.  The lock is approved by the Police ‘Secured By Design’ scheme.  The smart lock has a tamper alarm and incorrect PIN code feature (a three minute lock out if code is entered incorrectly five times).   They run on battery so there’s no need to worry if the electricity goes down.  A warning light will come on if the battery is low and there is an emergency back up battery connection available with a standard 9V battery.

, Home:  Would You Consider a Key Free Door?

There are many advantages to key-free locks:

  • No more losing your house keys.
  • No more juggling shopping and turning house keys to get in the door.
  • No need to get extra keys cut.
  • Yale Keyfree locks have a 24 hour PIN code for visitors (handy for cleaners, workmen etc).
  • The ability to let someone into your home remotely using your Smartphone- great for when the kids get home before you or when someone pops around to look in on the pets.
  • Yale Keyfree locks are insurance approved.

Maybe I’ll have the last laugh one day soon when I click a remote fob and my house door will actually open.  

Would you consider a key-free door?

, Home:  Would You Consider a Key Free Door?

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