Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

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, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

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In my first childhood bedroom, I had a record player covered in orange 70’s wallpaper on the floor of my room.  Next to it was a pile of colourful children’s Mr Pickwick LPs.  I loved spending time in my room listening to stories and singing and dancing to my favourite songs.  When we moved house my old record player was replaced with a modern midi hi-fi system which I loved but I always missed my vintage turntable.  Thankfully I currently have a Teal Crosley Turn Table, and here are five reasons why I love (adore even!) my record player:

, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

1.  It was a gift of love.

My record player was a very special surprise Mother’s Day Gift from the kids.  Just after Christmas, while out shopping with my eldest daughter, I spotted the vintage style turntable in the sale.  I got very excited (happy dance in the shop excited!) and would have bought it there and then if I’d had disposable money.  As soon as Rebecca saw it and how much I clearly loved it, she decided to buy it for me.  She got together with her siblings and hatched a plan.  They started doing jobs for Nanny and their Aunties to raise the money to buy this special gift.  They were so excited about Mother’s Day and presenting this gift to me.  I absolutely love the teal, retro stylish turntable but especially love that my gorgeous kids worked so hard to buy it (and also my kind, generous family who paid the kids chore money- thank you!).  I couldn’t believe it when I eventually opened the gift on Mother’s Day- I’d been expecting the usual gift of daisies from the garden in a milk bottle!

, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

2.  It looks so cool, stylish and retro- I love the teal colour.

I know I’ve mentioned it already but I love the style of my Crosley Turntable.  It looks stylish when open and in use and even when closed and stored away.  Crosley turntables come in a variety of colours but I love this teal design as it matches lots of my other authentic vintage items, such as my Smith Corona typewriter and Little Betty sewing machine.  If the Crosley isn’t to your personal taste there are a variety of turntables available so there’s a record player to suit every style.

, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

3.  I get to relive memories and listen to my mum’s old record collection.

As well as having our own record players and records my sisters and I also loved listening to my mum’s records while growing up.  She still has a record player in the dining room and the cabinet underneath houses pure vintage vinyl gold.  Each time I open the cupboard to return and borrow a record, the glorious smell of vinyl hits me first.  Then the familiar artwork of each LP and 12″ record.  I take it home and listen to it on my own  turntable, the crackle first and then the clear sound of familiar tunes that bring me back in time and that now make new memories for the future.  She has a wonderful collection of old music magazines stored away too.  As I build up my own collection of vinyl I’d like to buy a vintage style record case to store them in (I especially like the GPO Vinyl Case in Sky Blue).

, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

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4.  Having a record player is a good excuse to browse record shops and vintage markets.

I love vintage shops and markets  so shopping for new (to me) vintage vinyl is one of my favourite pastimes when I have the time.  Each record comes with it’s own history and story to tell as well as the wonderful music each groove contains.  I like finding old favourites but also coming across obscure forgotten about bands who sound so great it makes me sad that not every talent can “make it”.

, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

5.  I can support new artists by buying their vinyl records.

Even since the advancement of digital music  I still love to have a “physical copy” of my best loved tunes.  The artwork and the credits (triple points if lyrics are included too!) are part of the music buying experience.  I hardly ever buy CD’s anymore as we play our music in the car through our MP3 player, but I love buying “real” records.  I prefer the cardboard sleeve to the brittle plastic CD covers.  Most vinyl comes with a free digital download too, which is handy.  I bought EP1 (above)  to support the talented artist, Bryde, the transparent light blue vinyl and the sleeve artwork are almost as beautiful as the exquisite, enigmatic tracks featured on the album.

Rockit sell a large range of record players online.  They even have a handy buyer’s guide if you’re thinking of buying one (every home needs at least one record player).


Do you have a record player?  What do you love about it?




, Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player

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  1. , Five Reasons Why I love My Record Player
    Margaret GALLAGHER
    April 2, 2019 / 8:32 pm

    Haven’t played a record in years – I still have a big collection in my loft – time to dust them off – wonder what I’ll find

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