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Monday, 17 April 2017

Weekending: The Boat Jumble


Last weekend it was Dave's birthday and also the Boat Jumble.  This often falls on his birthday which means an early start to the day getting everything organised.  The kids and I walked (and scooter-ed and biked!) down later at a more reasonable hour.

I like taking everyday photos of the area we live in as over time places change and it will be useful to look back at these photos when the kids are older so we remember what the area was like as they grew up.

Looking forward in this photo, the houses on the left used to be the old clinic.  Once it was knocked down the new houses seemed to spring up overnight.  Out of shot, to the left is a primary school which will be closing next year when all the kids move to the new "super school".

We walked across Victoria Bridge admiring the marina view.  This bridge is very different to the concrete bridge that I remember walking across with my parents and grandparents in my childhood and another iron bridge existed before that one (before my lifetime).   This current bridge was opened in 1998.  Going back even further in history (definitely before my time!), Milford Museum houses a Mammoth Tusk from the Bronze age that was found in 1930 when they replaced the old toll bridge with the iron Victoria Bridge.

The Docks itself has changed so much over the years with lots more changes planned for the next coming years.

We got to the boat jumble down the Docks and had a look around before "helping"(well, trying to!).  The kids spotted some sweets.  They asked how much they were and were given them for free- lucky kids!

The kids bought a motorcycle helmet (again!).

They made use of Dave's tools and oil to give the stunt bike a quick service!

Caitlyn chose a boat torch for her scooter, which she loves, especially as it is orange, her favourite colour (I know, she's finally out of her "blue phase"). 

Isabelle chose this compass which she has been playing with since.

The kids helped to pack away.

They played in the old "landie".

They played hide and seek and hid in between the double doors.

We walked along the pontoon.

Walking along the water, Izzy asked if there were sharks in there.  When we replied no, she asked if there were crocodiles.  When we once again replied, no, she asked, "Well what is in there then?!"  We stopped to show her the fish and told her about the seal, starfish, crabs and other sea life we often spot there.

Next we went up to Martha's Vineyard for food and a drink.  I was quite excited as it was my first drink of the year in a "beer garden" (usually I'm driving).

We didn't last long outdoors as the kids were cold so we went inside to eat.

I love the paintings on display but didn't note the artist's name.

After lunch, we wandered up to see Granny and Grampy.

On our way some friends passed in the car and sand "Happy Birthday" to Dave which the kids loved.  We had a couple of hours play at Granny and Grampy's and then wandered home for a takeaway to celebrate Dave's birthday.


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