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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tips On Making a Living As a Writer

Two of my favourite literary characters from my childhood were Anne ("with an e" of Green Gables) and Jo March (Little Women).  I loved reading about their love of writing and their endeavours to get their work published.  As I grew older, I admired the real writers of these tales:  Lucy Maud Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott and countless other female authors from past and present.  I followed my dream of becoming a teacher, always hoping that I would have my own writing published one day.  Whilst bringing up my family, my own plans of writing a book are on a backburner but I feel fortunate that I'm still able to make a living from working from home and more importantly, writing.  If writing is also your dream here is a guest post full of tips on how to make a living as a writer:

Tips On Making a Living As a Writer

Some of us may be afraid to say it out loud,  to many of us it might seem like an impossible dream:

‘I want to make a career out of writing’.

 Of course, it is not the easiest career path to choose and make money from, but for those who can’t really imagine doing much else and who have the passion and drive to succeed, or who are already working and want to earn a little extra through their love of writing, here are some realistic tips on using your words to pay the bills:

Content/Copy Writing

It might not be the kind of writing that you always imagined yourself doing, but copy and content writing is an excellent way for you to make real and decent money. Copywriting acts as writing that makes readers do something specific, usually as part of a campaign used by a company to gain more customers. This is especially good if you are looking for a little bit of flexibility and freelance work, but can be good for full and part time jobs as well. The best way to find a vacancy that suits you is to regularly check online for job offers that interest you.


Blogging can be a little more fun and expressive than copywriting, but also a little more difficult to make money. That being said, it is definitely within the realm of possibility to still make good money from blogging. Obviously a big part of creating a successful blog is being passionate about writing it, but if you are to go about making a living from blogging it is wise to promote affiliate products through your blogs, This allows for a high commission and the possibility of making a significant amount doing what you love. Many successful bloggers have articles and blog posts full of tips for how to create a successful site.


Let’s face it- most of us writers have some pretty strong opinions, even whether or not we have any formal expertise on the topic. Reviewing Food and Arts is something that every writer is capable of doing, and the opportunity to make money from this career route is great. To begin with, try looking for reviewer career opportunities in your town’s newspaper or magazines. This is often a paying job. You could also start a blog or be hired to write for someone else’s blog. Once you start posting regular reviews online, you might find companies contacting you to request a review of their product- perhaps you won’t be paid, but you could receive some nice products!

Technical Writer

If you have an ability to explain complicated things in a way that anyone can understand, becoming a technical writer might be the ideal career path for you. It is the writing of manuals for certain products and can be a lucrative career, as
most products must come with a manual. There are classes for this online and you can definitely make a living from this in the long run.

The future of making money through writing is not as impossible as it might have seemed, but you must commit yourself to writing every day, even if this means getting up an hour earlier before going to your day job. Writing a novel and getting it published is a game of luck and patience (as well as talent) but it is important not to give up on your true writing dream whilst using your skills to earn a little extra writing for others.
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