How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen

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, How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen

The Easter Bank Holidays are approaching, as well as having fun and eating lots of chocolate many of us use this time to decorate.  Thinking of laying a tile floor then read on to find out more from our guest bloggers, Tile Monkey…

So you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and go down the tile route for your kitchen floor, good choice, but what do you go for? There are so many options on the market, how do you make sure you’re making the right choice? Here at Tile Monkey we thought we could give you a helping hand and put together a little guide of how to choose the right tiles. 

The kitchen plays an important part in every day life; it is seen as the place where the family bonds. It’s where we talk together, laugh together and most importantly, eat together. It’s fair to say that the kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms within a home, so the flooring needs to be durable, making tiles the perfect choice for your floor. Tiles are pretty solid when it comes to durability, aside of this they are possibly the most hygienic option. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them one of the best options for hygiene.  

It’s also important to select a tile that is the right size for your room, seems simple right? But many people often make the mistake of laying big tiles in a small room, this usually results in the pattern getting lost and not flowing naturally, it can also make your room look even smaller. If you have a big kitchen then big floor tiles can often give off the illusion of extra space, but you can get away with pretty much any tile size, although we would recommend sticking with larger tiles to prevent your floor from looking overcrowded.  

So what are the best tiles for the job? There a couple of contenders for this title, Porcelain tiles are hard, dense and pretty solid which has seen them become an increasingly popular choice, they are resistant to most impact stresses and ideal for high traffic areas (such as the kitchen). Due to their density porcelain tiles are liquid resistant and since they’re able to repel liquid they’re also stain resistant, which makes them ideal for the kitchen (we all know mishaps occur in the kitchen!). Once porcelain tiles have been properly installed they have the ability to last for decades! It’s a win-win situation.  

If you’re looking for something a little different then why not take a look at Terracotta tiles? We think these tiles create a warm, cosy vibe, almost like a rustic country kitchen. So if you fancy taking a more traditional perspective, terracotta may be the option for you! Just like porcelain, terracotta tiles are extremely durable and are able to withstand heavy traffic without breaking or chipping. Once sealed, terracotta tiles will not absorb water and are really easy to clean, this means that a simple mop with soapy water should remove any stains or build up of dirt.  

That’s all from the cheeky chimps here at Tile Monkey, the rest is up to you!  

, How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen

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  1. , How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen
    Margaret Gallagher
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    I'm looking for ideas for my kitchen More ideas for me to muse over thanks

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