Uncommon Goods: Great Gifts for Travel Lovers

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, Uncommon Goods:  Great Gifts for Travel Lovers

I’m a great believer in gifting loved ones experiences over possessions where possible.  An example of this is my mum and sister giving my children passports for Christmas.  Imagine the world of possibilities that present will mean for them for in the years to come.  For the passport ready travel enthusiast who already owns every guidebook, here are my selection of gifts for travellers:

, Uncommon Goods:  Great Gifts for Travel Lovers

Clockwise from top left:  A World of I Love You, Wanderlust Cross Stitch Map, Traveler’s Agenda,  Scratch Travel Journal, Travel Stub Diary, Scratch Map. 

I think every family home should ideally display a World Map where family members can mark off places they have been and wanderlust over places they long to visit.  Traditionally, this was marked by flag pins but now there are World Maps to suit everyone from the crafty  woman (or even man) in your life who loves to cross stitch to the designer who longs for a World Map to match their modern home decor.  Meanwhile, the World of I Love You map would make the perfect anniversary gift.  

A travel journal is always a welcome gift as the eager traveller will have already filled their last scrapbook.  Above, I have listed some travel journals with a difference- a travel stub diary, perfect for keeping all those tickets and postcards safe and also a scratch travel journal.


I try to only buy from ethical companies.  UncommonGoods, are working to change the way business is done by making sustainability a part of every decision they make, resulting in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and an ever-more rewarding place to work.  My favourite part of their ethos is they have never sold products containing leather, feathers or fur – they are committed to selling products that do no harm to people or animals.  Yes, even the “leather” Traveler’s Agenda journal featured above is vegan leather, making it easier for vegans to buy original, quality gifts (and goods for ourselves too!).

Take a look.  Which gift would you choose from UncommonGoods?

, Uncommon Goods:  Great Gifts for Travel Lovers

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