Everything Will Be OK

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, Everything Will Be OK

One of the most important things that my mum and dad taught me was that “Everything will be OK.”  Life’s not always easy, but during the hard times, each time they told me this I felt reassured and knew that at some point everything would be OK again.

, Everything Will Be OK

Over time, life changes and it’s not always for the best.  Repeating the words, “Everything will be OK” keeps me strong until I get to a safe, happy place and everything can be OK once more, even if it’s very different.  For example, I miss my late Dad so much and think of him every day but over time we reached a point where life is good and is OK.  He would want us to be happy.

2017 started badly for our family, with mum being rushed to hospital on New Year’s Day morning.  We were shocked, scared and worried.  The doctors kept reminding us how serious the situation was, but of course we already knew.  The time while she was intubated and sedated with no sign of her chest improving (in fact it was getting worse) was tough, I had to keep reminding myself that “everything will be OK.”

We are so lucky that Mum has turned the corner and is now improving.  She was gradually weaned off sedation and then the ventilator.  The dreaded tube was removed.  She is sitting up in a chair and beginning to walk with a walker.  She is on the mend.  

We are so happy to see mum getting better.  When anyone is in hospital, it becomes the families rhythm, the focus of their life.  My time seems to consist of making food for the kids, driving and being at hospital.  There is no free time and we’re all tired and looking forward to mum coming home as she won’t properly rest until she’s in her own bed either.  But we’re getting there and everything will be OK.  

At the moment, our time with the kids is scarce and I’m not finding time to work (when I eventually get home after our long days I usually just want (make that need!) to veg out in front of the TV or just go to bed.  But I know, this is temporary and soon we’ll all have lots of time together when mum is home where she belongs.

, Everything Will Be OK

We even had the chance to take the kids to the beach on Sunday as I really needed some family time with them.  Danny had exams when he returned to school.  Rebecca started Guides.  I’ll write a whole post on our day out soon but I really appreciated this carefree time with them for the first time this year and a chance to catch up on everything that’s been going on in their lives.

, Everything Will Be OK

Mum is missing these lovely faces (and Cerys’) lots, but will see them soon and be out for the day with us as soon as she is well enough.

, Everything Will Be OK

This lovely man has been looking after me during the last few weeks, taking over many of my roles and being my shoulder to cry on.  

Like everyone, I had big plans for 2017 family, work and travel wise.  These have been postponed, not cancelled.

Everything will be OK.

What’s your favourite mantra that helps you through the harder times of life?  

, Everything Will Be OK

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