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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Our Purrfect Christmas with Belle / Five Things Cats do at Christmas

Christmas is a special time for family and that of course includes the family pets.  A lot of my favourite childhood Christmas memories feature our much loved family cat, Tinker, and I still remember her fondly each Christmas. I'd always ask mum to buy her a cat food pouch instead of her usual tins, as they seemed "posher" for a cat's Christmas dinner (she used to get lots of turkey too).  She would run after the festive ribbon and jump on our new toys- I can picture her climbing on my Cindy House and cuddling up in there! Thankfully, thanks to Jo Jo and Cerys, we now have the gorgeous Belle in our lives (and lovely Toby Dog at Nanny's too, of course- I can't leave him out).  They will both keep us on our toes and give us lots of laughs during the coming holidays, here are five things that Belle (and I suspect a lot of other cats too!) will be getting up to this Christmas:

1.  Playing with the Christmas tree.

Belle loves the baubles on the Christmas tree, she thinks they are hung there purely for her to play with and is not happy unless she has "scored" and managed to get a few baubles on the floor!  That is of course until I wanted a photo of her playing with baubles for this post.  Then, she completely ignored them in true independent cat style!

2.  Cuddling Up and Watching Christmas Movies

Cats love to relax and lounge about.  They are the perfect companion to cuddle up and watch a Christmas movie with, especially the good old black and white films that my kids refuse to watch with me (and we all know cats are good for our health too!).  

3.  Helping to Wrap Presents

Wrapping presents with a cat around is no easy matter.  They want to be on the wrapping paper, they rip the paper with their paws, their fur gets on the sellotape and when you go to put the present in the gift bag, yep, the cat is already in there!

4.  Never Interested in Their Own Presents

Cats love to get warm and cosy, their favourite spot to fall asleep is on top of the clean laundry or on your favourite coat.  You buy them a warm, cosy cat bed or den so you can reclaim your fur free clothes once more.  Your cat is suspicious and not at all interested in their new, lovely present.  They refuse to get in.

5.  They Love Everyone Else's Presents

However, they love everyone else's presents, they sniff them eagerly, rub their scent onto them to claim them and rip them open with their claws.  One year, Belle was very happy to help herself to (Jo's) new comfy pillow.

She even gifted herself Cerys' Monster High doll!

Oh, and that cat basket, that she had no interest in initially?  Once everyone was resigned to the fact that she was never going to go in it, guess where we found her?

What will your cat be guaranteed to get up to this Christmas?

This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.


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