Love the Sales: Autumn Fashion

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, Love the Sales:  Autumn Fashion

Some people find autumn a difficult time style wise as it’s the transition period between the warm and cold seasons.  Sometimes it’s sunny and we need to wear our summer clothes and other days it’s cold or wet and we need to wrap up in our new Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  One advantage of the changing season is we can be flexible in the clothes we wear and buy.  I tend to wear the same dresses and skirts throughout the year but I’ll add tights, knits and a winter coat to warm the outfit up.  Here are some of my favourite transitional basics that will get you through this time of year:

, Love the Sales:  Autumn Fashion

All year around, denim skirts are a great staple in any clothes collection.  Team them with boots and tights and also a cosy knit.  I love these grey and black thin knit tops which can be worn with jeans and trousers too.

A smart winter coat in a sumptious colour completes every autumn outfit.  Good coats can be expensive so shop in the sales to find a bargain.  The short red coat above is just £41.99 in the Dorothy Perkins Sale on the Love the Sales website.  All the items above can be found in this sale too- it has some really lovely pieces!

, Love the Sales:  Autumn Fashion

Polo necks are making a return.  Rebecca has been wearing a 70’s vintage polo neck top that used to belong to my mum.  

, Love the Sales:  Autumn Fashion

I spotted one in this sale that will look lovely with the denim skirts above.

The boots are also a sale bargain starting at £25.  The one thing I don’t usually like about sales is rooting through lots of untidy clothes looking for my size (I end up being drawn to the nicely presented overpriced new clothes instead), but online it’s easy to search for the size, colour and style that you require.

If you love saving money remember that the Black Friday sales are fast approaching (this year it falls on 25th November) where you will be able to pick up lots of bargains ready for Christmas and the New Year.  

What will you be buying in the sales?

All clothes via Love the Sales

, Love the Sales:  Autumn Fashion

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