Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

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, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

Halloween is now fast approaching and with autumn half term beginning this weekend,  many families are choosing to hold their Halloween parties early rather than celebrate on the traditional day of 31st October, which falls on a  school day.  Whether you’re bringing your festivities forward or waiting until the main day, here are five ways to make sure that you are Halloween Party Ready:

, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

1.  Pick your pumpkins!

Picking our pumpkins from our local pumpkin farm marks the start of Halloween rituals for our family.  You can find your nearest pick your own farm online or keep an eye out for local event posters.  If your local pick your own farms aren’t offering a pumpkin harvest, you can pick your pumpkins up at the local greengrocers, vegetable market or supermarket instead.

, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

2.  Choose your costumes

We love planning and choosing our costumes each year.  The kids always have creative ideas of what they want to be.  Sometimes they make their own costumes or raid their large fancy dress box.  We also shop around for halloween fancy dress to either choose a whole outfit, accessories or stock up on the all essential face paints.

, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

3.  Get your games ready

Halloween games are quick and easy to organise.  We always provide a bowl filled with water apples and onions for apple bobbing (take the costume photos before you play this game).  We also play musical bumps and statues to a halloween mix playlist.  Pass the parcel with plastic spiders and halloween treats in between layers goes down well.   Wink Murder and Murder in the Dark are easy drama games to play.  Another fun game is “Pin the tail on the Black Cat“.  A scary (age appropriate) movie and popcorn make a good end to a halloween party or sleepover too.

, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

4.  Plan your Halloween Food

We tend to do quick savoury food such as pizza, hot dogs or sandwiches but plan lots of halloween themed food, including  biscuits, cakes and puddings for fun party food too.  Buy a pack of halloween cutters to quickly make halloween biscuits- these can be decorated on the night as a party activity or made in advance.  Coloured icing means cupcakes can quickly be transformed into witches, pumpkins or even eyeballs – anything spooky goes down well!

, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

5.  Carve your pumpkins and other Decorations

Halloween decorations are really fun to make.  Carve your pumpkins, add a tealight candle and you have a spooky seasonal display.  Milk bottles can be made into milk carton ghost candle holders.  Bunting can quickly made up by using twine and halloween shapes.  Add in the costumes and the themed food and your Halloween party will look frightfully good!

We will celebrate halloween during half term and just do a mini “trick or treat” (in which we will bring a treat rather than ask for one) to our family’s houses on October 31st so we can still have an early night ready for school the next day. 

How will you celebrate Halloween this year?

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, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

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, Five Ways to be Halloween Party Ready

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