Finding Our Balance Again

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, Finding Our Balance Again

Hello,  apologies for this utterly pointless post but whenever I have an unintentional short blog break I always need a ramble before I officially come back again.

I am so behind blog wise.  I need to do lots more updates and “life lately” posts (my last one was in March and ideally I’d like to do these weekly.  Heck. I used to do them daily “in the day”.).   I’m also behind on work posts and drowning in emails but that’s by the by.

Everyday life has just been so busy and on top of that there are always the extra “surprises” that life throws at you.  Last week I was just beginning to feel like we had caught up from Danny’s heart operation in April, he’s managing full days at school and has even picked up a few of his extra curricular clubs again.

Then this week we had another emergency hospital stay but this time with Rebecca.  I’ll write a post about that soon but I won’t keep you waiting for the outcome- she is fine now and went back to school today.  But being rushed to a hospital nearly two hours from where we live meant logistical problems with looking after Danny, Caitlyn and Isabelle.  We are so lucky to have amazing family close by who always go out of their way to help us- thank you Mum (Nanny), Granny, Grampy and AuntyJo xxxx). 

Thankfully, she was well enough to come on our planned weekend to London, so we’ve been away with Aunty Ceri since Friday without the laptop (we needed to travel light as we had a lot to fit in.)

I’ve been looking forward to today, a Monday, just a normal everyday Monday, a fresh start to the week.  The week that I am going to work hard and catch up on life, love and everything.  But no, as well as the extra catching up to do it’s one of those weeks full of appointments for each of the kids starting with Caitlyn’s Audiology appointment today.  Then I plan to work in the evenings, but they’re spoken for too (for a nice reason today, Caitlyn’s Brownie Promise Ceremony BBQ- today seems to be all about Caitlyn- the other’s won’t be forgotten, I promise!). This is good, it’s life and we like to be busy.  I work from home for a reason, so I can still be there for the kids, the school runs, the appointments, concerts, sports days and special events, but they do make it hard to fit the “work” part of life in.  I’m not moaning about this, I’m not being ungrateful, I’m just thinking aloud in case it helps me find a way.

, Finding Our Balance Again

So I’ll carry on, all the necessities will get done somehow anyway, there’ll be a few more late nights working for me not to catch up (I don’t think I’ll ever reach that point) but just to keep up on top of work and we’ll muddle along until something else comes in our way and knocks us out of kilter.  When it does, we’ll cuddle in closer, together stronger (oh dear the football anthem really has got to me), until we navigate our steadier (but still bumpy, always bumpy) path.  Just like we always do.  

, Finding Our Balance Again

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