While we wait we have their “We’re Happy Round Here” video to keep us going!

, Camden Rocks Festival 2016

We then watched Black Spiders who completely blew me away.  I’ve always liked their albums but it doesn’t come close to seeing them live.  I don’t know how to describe them but they were wild and fast paced.  They really know how to work the crowd.  I never wanted them to end (although I probably needed them to before I  expired due to exhaustion!).  They were amazing.  I didn’t even get my phone out as it would have went flying in the mosh pit so there are no pictures sorry.  While Black Spiders were playing, Dave told me that in the past he had been confused for their lead singer.  I told him that I couldn’t see the resemblance personally then was amazed as after the set people kept asking for photos with Dave thinking that he really was in the band.  I did wonder if Dave was setting me up at one point!

Two good things came out of this confusion.  We met Steve from The DeRellas and are planning to see them when they come to Wales on their tour.  We also went to see The Black Spiders to find out if the other band members agreed with the resemblance or not.  It was a fifty fifty vote, then they asked Dave if he could sing, he said no and they joked that he’s just like their lead singer then!  Great guys!

, Camden Rocks Festival 2016

It was such a cool, carefree night, full of good music and like minded people.

, Camden Rocks Festival 2016

, Camden Rocks Festival 2016

We had to once again pay tribute to Camden’s statue of Amy Winehouse.  We’ll have to bring a friendship bracelet for her one day as others have done (xxx). 

One odd thing that we found about our night in Camden was when the bars closed so did a lot of the food places (were we looking in the wrong places?).  It took us a while to find somewhere open selling good post booze food.

, Camden Rocks Festival 2016

We slept well in our hotel, then explored Camden the following day until taking the tube back to Victoria.

I’ll have another post soon with the last of my Camden and London photos.

Did you go to Camden Rocks Festival?

What bands did you see?  m/


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