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Saturday, 28 May 2016

After School Adventures at Conduit Bay, Pembrokeshire

During these warm, light summer evenings we try to fit in outdoor fun on every evening we can.  On Monday night, knowing the rest of the week was full of clubs and shows, we walked to another local beach, Conduit Bay (sometimes locally known as Conjuc or Conjic Bay because of the pronounciation).  There, we enjoyed a mini hot dog barbecue.  Again, it's not a new one on this blog, we actually blogged about climbing at Conduit Bay this time last year (I know I'm getting so unoriginal!).

It's a nice short walk from our house.  If you travel from further away you can park on Picton Road (SA73 3EF)  as long as you leave passing space. 

From Picton Road you walk down a lane past some lovely houses (I'm so envious of their sea view).

Then you soon come to the archway framing the sea.  This is even more spectacular nearing high tide, as it was when we visited.

Thankfully there was enough beach left for us to set up our barbecue and play.  I set up the barbie while the kids played.  It's such a relaxed way to make tea.

While the BBQ heated and then the sausages cooked, I enjoyed the view.  

Izzy soon stripped off for a paddle. 

The rock pools are often really warm in the summer- it's the kids version of a spa!

I called the kids back once the veggy and meat sausages were ready.

We armed up some left over jacket spuds and sweetcorn too.

Having no fire, Danny invented a mini stick marshmallow toaster (before you worry seeing him with a hot flame, he's very safe and has a good understanding and respect for fire).  

After tea there was more play and we watched the tide come in. 

We took our siblings project photos by the arch.  I can compare these with the arch photos from last year now.

Then it was time to leave and walk home. 

We admired the pretty gardens and chatted together planning our next adventure.

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