We’re Home (and All Went Well!)

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, We’re Home (and All Went Well!)

First things first, Danny has had his heart procedure and it all went well (it was a wonderful moment receiving the phone call telling us to come to the recovery room to see him)!

Secondly-  sorry for the lack of posting on here.  Years ago I had a blog purely for posting updates and photos during Danny’s previous operations.  This was mainly because in the hospital internet room (which we had to use before the days of smartphones and WiFi) we weren’t allowed use Myspace (remember that?) and Facebook due to the security settings. 

, We’re Home (and All Went Well!)

This time around after phoning and messaging friends and family, I just Instagrammed a photo to show everyone how Danny was doing.  Messenger was amazing for updating close family and friends and in the evening Facebook Video Call was great for keeping in touch with the girls at Nanny’s.

, We’re Home (and All Went Well!)
Tired, happy people…(as opposed to Shiny, Happy People…)

Apart from that there was no time for regular updates and definitely no time for blogging.  I’d actually packed lots of things for us all “to do”.  But you forget how busy hospital days can be  and by the end of each day I just felt physically and emotionally exhausted so just slept trying to build up energy ready for the next day.

I have lots of posts to share with you- a few things that we got up to before Birmingham, how the Little Hearts Matter’s Open Day went, fun in Birmingham, our stay, eating out and then the procedure, Danny’s hospital stay and now his recovery.

So much seems to have gone on in just a little over a week.

It’s strange getting back to “everyday real life” but I think I’m finally  getting there and looking forward to posting again.

How have you been?  What have I missed?  I hope all is well with everyone (apologies if I don’t reply to Blogger comments, my Disqus is playing up and won’t Sync them again so I can only view them in Blogger but not reply to them sorry- I will try and sort this once more now I’m home and my even have to delete Disqus again if this keeps up). 

I’m sure I’ll say this lots in the next few weeks but thank you to everyone who wished Danny well (it means such a lot), thanks to my Mum and Jo for looking after my littlest girls and Ceri and Lexy for coming to Birmingham with us and looking after my biggest girl and keeping us all company.  Huge thanks of course go to the brilliant Dr Stumper and to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for once again looking after Danny- they are amazing and I do feel humbled to have seen just a glimpse of the care that goes on everyday to very poorly children, not just my own son. They are truly amazing and I will always be eternally grateful to them as are lots of parents and families out there.

Sending lots of love to the children and the families facing a lot longer stay and hard times ahead.

Lots of love to all you lovely readers too,


, We’re Home (and All Went Well!)

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