How to Move House With Children

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, How to Move House With Children

We have lived in our home for nearly thirteen years, since Danny was born.  We will need to move eventually and find a bigger house.  Many of our friends have moved recently to find work or to start a new life somewhere new.  

If you find yourself in the same position, here are some tips for how to move house with children:

Saying Goodbye

Give children the chance to say goodbye to the old house.  Take photos of your favourite parts of the home, throw a farewell party or hold a “last supper”.  I remember as a child sitting on the floor eating sausage and chips from the chip shop as our last meal on our last night in our old house.  It felt both sad and exciting at the time.

Choose your National or International Removal Company 

Whether it’s just to another neighbourhood or to a different country, moving can be a challenging task. First you need to choose your moving company. There are so many things to consider. Your budget, the reliability of the movers etc. Ask your friends for recommendations or check on-line in order to find companies offering national and international removals such as Blissmoving. This way, you will be able to find the mover that perfectly fits your needs. 

In addition to this, you have to deal with your child’s questions and concerns. Here are some tips on how to make it all less stressful for both you and your kids:

Help them understand the need for the move  

While young children may not fully grasp all the reasons for the move, especially when they are already happy where they are, it’s important that you explain to them the motivations for such a big change. In that way, you can make them see the reason clearly and let them accept the reality so they can slowly adjust to the idea before the actual day of moving. It might be more difficult for teenagers to accept the idea of moving, but spending time with them and talking to them seriously like adults, may help. 

Understand their concerns and provide assurances

It’s normal for children to worry about moving so expect them to have a lot of concerns. Find out about their worries, respect their needs, calm down their fears and make them feel assured that it will all go well, with your constant support and guidance. Reading a book about it together is surely a good idea, you can take a look here and choose from a variety of beautiful children’s books about moving. 

Make it an adventure  

Children like the idea of adventures. Toddlers will immediately be excited to pack their stuff and go to another place where there are new things to see, new friends to make and a new place to live in.  

Time your move  

I know it’s not always possible, but try to schedule your move to fall during a period when your child isn’t facing other stressful situations (such as exams).  It might be a good idea to move during vacation so it will feel more like an adventure and a holiday at first.

Let them help with the packing 

This is a good way for them to choose the things that they would still want to take with them and will help you too.   It’s important that they feel included in all parts of the move and you can help by giving them tasks that help make them feel important. I loved choosing the colours for my new bedroom when I moved house as a child.

Immediately make your new place feel like home 

Once you have moved, make sure that you create an atmosphere where your children can feel relaxed.  Have one box or suitcase full of the things that can immediately make your child feel at home, their favourite duvet, books and toys.  Follow old routines so the whole family can easily adjust to the new place. Be a constant support for your kids, always listening to them, so the whole experience  can be a positive one for all.

Don’t forget to have a similar box ready for yourself with your favourite cushions, music, candles, tea, coffee and a nice bottle of wine to reward yourself after the move.

Have you moved house recently?  What would be your top tip for moving with children?

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, How to Move House With Children

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