Dressing Wooden Windows #windowsforlife

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, Dressing Wooden Windows #windowsforlife

Growing up, we always had wooden window frames.  I do miss them in my own home, especially as my own windows are in a shade darker than my own style and I can’t paint them lighter.  Thinking forward to when we get new windows, here are different ways to dress wooden windows.  I like different methods of dressing windows depending on the privacy and use of the room.

Bare Windows

In rooms which aren’t overlooked, I love bare windows which let in lots of light and make the window the main feature.  

, Dressing Wooden Windows #windowsforlife

Roman Blinds

In bathrooms and kitchens blinds can be more practical than curtains.  A roman blind has a softer appearance, creating a warmer feel than a roller blind. The fabric can be pulled up to make the most of the wooden window, and also allowed down for privacy.

, Dressing Wooden Windows #windowsforlife

 Long Flowing Curtains

In living areas and bedrooms, I love to see long flowing curtains which reach the floor.  There are so many colours and patterns to choose from.  In public windows add long flowing voiles too which allow you to look out, but stop passers by seeing in.

Buying Wooden Windows

, Dressing Wooden Windows #windowsforlife

The Wood Window Alliance (WWA) is a group of over 40 organisations from across the UK’s wood window industry committed to working together to drive up standards, promoting quality wood windows and doors in the UK market and making wood the number one choice.

Their aim is to set the industry standards for high quality timber windows – endorsing the sustainably, durability and beauty of 21st century wood windows and highlighting the contribution they can make to the overall energy efficiency of a home.

Are you thinking of getting wood windows?  Go to Wood Window Alliance or tweet them at @woodwindowall #WindowsForLife to find out more.

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, Dressing Wooden Windows #windowsforlife

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