Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

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, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

I always find being outdoors inspiring.  Wherever I go and whatever I see, it always gives me more ideas for our home interiors and the life we lead.  Here are five home interiors inspired by nature:

, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

1.  Granite 

Granite is formed from the slow crystallisation of molten magma cooling deep beneath the earth’s surface.  As this natural stone is formed at such extreme temperatures it produced an incredibly hard wearing tile, perfect for high traffic areas.

Aesthetically pleasing, granite tiles come in different colours, unique natural patterns and often comes with a distinctive sparkle.  You can learn more here.

2.  Slate

, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

The grey slate at Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, gives the beautiful blue colour of the aptly named, Blue Lagoon.  

Of course slate has a variety of uses in the home, from slate roofs to slate flooring.  It can also be used around the home in a variety of uses, such as a house sign, blackboard, place mat or cheese board.  

, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

3.  Limestone

The Limestone rocks at Pendine Sands are just stunningly beautiful.  I would love to have these neutral shades in my home and with limestone tiles and worktops being readily available, I could.  As well as in the home, Limestone is often chosen as a material for commercial flooring, such as in shopping centres due to it’s durability.  See this website, TilesPorcelain, for a large selection of Limestone Tiles.  

, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

4.  Trees in the Woods

Who needs man-made chairs or benches whilst taking a stroll in the woods?  Not us, we always find branches or felled trees to sit upon and if they’re not available then to sit under a tree is surely one of life’s simple pleasures?  

Like most households, we have a lot of wood furniture throughout our home.  One company is taking things further though and actually growing trees into the shape of a chair.  Take a look at their site.  It’s fascinating.  

The ultimate home inspired by trees in the wood, is of course Charlie and Meg’s Roundhouse which was built around the shape of the tree and Charlie, a talented woodcrafter, has fashioned everything inside out of wood.  

, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

5.  The Colour of the Sea

Back to Blue Lagoon again (well it is one of my favourite places).  Whenever, I’m searching for paint colours for our home, I often search for natural colours rather than just the colour name.

We’ll be re painting our bench and shed soon and I know for sure I’ll be searching for “Sea Blues” and “Beach Blues” as they always bring up my favourite paint colours.

How does nature inspire your home interior? 

, Five Home Interior Ideas Inspired by Nature

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