Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

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, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

One of my (easier to keep) New Years Resolutions is definitely going to be to travel more.  We want to go overseas for the first time in years (and Isabelle’s first time ever) but will also look forward to our UK city and coastal breaks.

1.  Blackpool

, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

I have such fond memories of coming to Blackpool as a child to see “the lights”- it was so exciting!  My grandparents came too, which made it extra special.  When I lived in Manchester, we used to go for student days out and weekends there.   Dave and I really love the interactive horror experience, “Pasaje Del Terror” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach– I have honestly never been so scared in all my life, which Dave found hilarious!  

I’ve always said that I will take the kids to Blackpool for a family break.  Blackpool is a great place to come whether young or old, with friends, as a couple and of course as a family.  I can easily see why it is one of Travelodge’s top coastal cities.  Highlights of our visit would be the Blackpool Tower, The Pier, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Madame Tussauds.  A summer break would be great but I’d prefer to visit during September to November time to see the greatest free light show on earth, The Blackpool Illuminations.  

2.  Holyhead, Anglesey

, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

I went on a school trip to Anglesey when I was at Secondary School.  We felt very grown up staying in the cottages on our own.  Again, I’ve always vowed to revisit there.  

I’d like to revisit Beaumaris Gaol– the kids would be fascinated.  They’d also enjoy Beaumaris Castle.  Sadly the Museum of Childhood that I adored has now closed but Dave and the would enjoy the Holyhead Maritime Museum also.

3.  Great Yarmouth

, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

Dave wants to take me and the kids to Great Yarmouth to see where he spent holidays as a child and also to learn about his heritage and visit “Critten Road” for the first time.

As well as seeing family we would enjoy the seaside and Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach .

4.  Inverness, Scotland

, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

I would love to take the kids to Inverness.  I still can’t believe that we haven’t travelled to Scotland yet.  The Highlands look stunning and the kids are as fascinated by Loch Ness as we are.

While Inverness Castle is not open to the public (it is now the Court House) we would visit nearby castles and take a Cruise on the Loch Ness.

5.  Dublin, Ireland

, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

We haven’t been to Ireland since having the kids, which is a huge shame as we live so close to the Fishguard Ferry and  see it pass our home daily.  It’s definitely on our bucket list.  We love the Irish coast, but the cities are great too and a visit to Dublin is a must.

A Dublin bus tour would be a top of our list- we learnt so much the last time we hopped on one of these, a visit to the Guinness Factory would be enjoyed by Dave and I and with the kids in mind Dublin Zoo and Viking Splash would make great choices too.

We’ve one week to go until Christmas, then a New Year and time to make new travel plans.  How exciting!  Where will you be travelling to in the UK next year?

, Our UK & Ireland Travel Wishlist for 2016 #travelodgetoptowns

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