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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Travel The World Through Books with Lonely Planet Kids #Review

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

 During half term we travelled the World.  From Canada to Tahiti, we were there!  We gazed in awe at the dark grey Kalahri elephants standing against the bright gold sand in Botswana, we learnt to say "Hi" with a "Hongi" in New Zealand and went for a magic carpet ride in Iran.  

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

 We also created our own country, with our own language, rules and leader; became international spies and rearranged all the animals on safari.   We did all of this without even leaving our living room sofa, thanks to a lovely collection of new Lonely Planet Kids books.  

Read on to find out more about this great selection of books:

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

You Rule! Create Your Own Country


This book certainly provides food for thought and helps both children and adults alike realise how present day countries came to be by challenging us to create a new one.  It's a great project and a lot of fun, while along the way kids are learning about geography, types of government, law, customs, the economy, citizenship and migration in an accessible way.  

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

It is set out in clear, concise sections with fun quizzes along the way to help you make decisions about your new country.  I think this is a definitely a book that should be in every Key Stage 2 classroom and also in the home.

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

How to be an International Spy:  Your Top Secret Guide to Espionage 


Danny loves spy books and every Christmas adds more spy gadgets to his list so I immediately knew that he would love this book.  

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

The book takes you through your International Spy Training as a new recruit. 

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

There is a section where it helps you decide your code name.  In the video Isabelle gets upset when Danny calls her by her codename, "Smelly Pulsar", as she thought he was insulting her!  It was quite funny actually.

There is a lot of information about real life and fictional spies and also about the important work of spies during wartime.  There are also many interesting facts.  Did you know that  William Shakespeare was rumoured to be a spy for England?

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

Kids will especially love the sections on code breaking, building your own spy HQ with security measures, fingerprinting, gadgets and spies on the Internet.

There are lots of practical activities that will keep your child busy, such as making invisible ink and a periscope.

By the end of the book the reader will become a fully fledged Secret Agent!

Adventures Around the Globe


This is an activity book with "60 pages of fun inside".  It's full of maps and activities covering the continents of the world.

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

Every section has a gorgeous two page glossy scene and at the back of the book you will find reusable stickers to add to each background.

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

The stickers are detailed and very aesthetically pleasing.  There are also puzzles and pages to colour in so this book, packed with a pencil and felts or crayons would be an ideal activity to pack for holidays.  It has kept my kids happy in the car and at the table during half term.

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

The Travel Book:  A Journey Through Every Country in the World


I have always believed that every child should have a globe and a world atlas.  I am now going to add "The Travel Book" to that list too.  It covers every country in the world- amazing!

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

This book allows children to gain an overview and interest into every country.  If they then want to find out more information they can look at a more  detailed book, but this is great for that initial insight.  It's helpful when kids are doing topics in school, such as when my kids were studying Botswana recently.  

We even looked up our own country, Wales.

The book is easy to use with a clear contents page at the front, and with an index and world map at the back.  

All the kids have loved looking through this book and it's lovely to hear how much they have found out already.  It would make a great gift.

What do you think about these Lonely Planet kids books?  If you're as excited about them as we are then come back next week for an exciting giveaway and a chance to win the whole bundle.


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