Working From Home: Office Furniture

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, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

As all bloggers (and their friends and family) know, once you start blogging it becomes a huge part of your life.  When you’re not actually sitting down typing up posts, you are taking photographs, attending blog events, making things or taking inspiration for your next post.  It never stops (and we don’t want it to).

, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

Since making the decision a few years ago to blog and write to make a living, as well as taking up a huge part of my mind (and my heart), blogging also takes up a fair amount of room in my home.

, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

I’m happy to blog anywhere- on the sofa, in the garden or even in bed- my favourite place to work is at the dining room table.  When Izzy’s home from school, after a fun activity or playing together, then she often comes and draws, paints or plays a game at the table too, while I finish off some work.  It’s quite nice to be close together.  She often pretends to “blog” and “work” too (just like me a lot of the time then!).

, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

This situation is fine (well apart from when I have to clear everything away for tea or for the kids to do their homework) but ideally I would like a home office of my own.  I would love space to keep all of the paperwork and everything that comes with this work.  I did allocate myself a section in the family filing cabinet, but it was soon overflowing.  I’d also love space to keep my own stationery, notebooks, post, parcels and things that I plan to blog about.

, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

Ideally, it would be great to have my own big desk, chest of drawers, shelving and book shelf.  Above the desk, I would have a peg board with photos, prints and inspiring quotes.  A large workspace, such as this Cube Honey 3 Drawer Desk would be great to work on.  I could keep my laptop and sewing machine out at the same time, spread my work out and not have to tidy it away for tea (only to have to get it all out again after bedtime).

My own bookshelf would be ideal for work books.  I’d also love some storage such as the Cuba Honey 4 Hole Storage Cube.  This would be great for storing some of my vintage pieces and props, such as my typewriter, my camera and also somewhere to keep all my bloggy bits and pieces (a technical term!).

, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

As we’re limited to space, until we can afford an extension, then a Hidden Home Office  may be a more reasonable solution.

I could still have a pin board on the wall and have the desk space and storage in the cupboards.  I’m also in love with vintage writing bureau’s. Always have been and always will be.   I would love to sit and write at one of these and they also have handy storage space.

Do you work from home?  What office furniture works for you and what would you recommend for a small space?

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, Working From Home:  Office Furniture

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  1. , Working From Home:  Office Furniture
    Tracy W
    October 2, 2015 / 7:58 am

    I love your vintage typewriter and telephone! I work from home and after a recent move now have my own space to create and write. At the moment I'm trying to organise my stash, I love to pick up second hand pieces of furniture in charity shops or car boot sales and decorate them. It is great to be able to shut the door on the creative mess! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

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