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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Danny's Bedroom Update- New Blinds

Retro flip alarm clock grey stripe blinds

Well this is not as much of an update of Danny's bedroom as I would like.  But, I find it's always good to keep track of the progress (or lack of!) to spur me on!

Danny's bedroom Update Teen room

Looking back at the last post.  We have got the Andrea Midnight Rollerblinds, Cambridge Stripe Mono Duvet Set and the Retro Flip Alarm Clock.  I'm really happy with all of these.  Unfortunately, Ikea seem to have stopped selling the day bed that we planned to get for his room, so we're having to have a rethink about that.  I also need to do the all important painting as his walls need a tidy.  His room is so small, it desperately needs light paint in there to brighten it up (I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose the dark shade of blue!).

roller blind

roller blind

roller blind

Andrea Midnight Roller Blind

The blinds were quick and easy to put up (so Dave tells me anyway- thanks for that!) and give the room a simpler, streamline feel, rather than the heavy curtains we had before.  They are so simple to open and close, so I no longer have to "nag" Danny to open his curtains each day.  I can't wait to see them with the painted room and lower single bed.  I need to get the paint brushes out!

I always worry about ordering curtains and blinds and then put it off, but this process was really simple.  Blinds Supermarket have great guides for measuring and fitting your chosen blinds.  They are great prices, so I'm tempted to order some for the bathroom now too.

Retro flip alarm clock

Back to Danny's room, once, we have the bed, drawers and freshly painted walls, we can do the exciting parts of decorating, such as choosing wall art and decorations for pops of colour upon the grey 

Once, I get started with painting, I do enjoy it and I love seeing the finished walls, I just need to get started...wish me luck!

Do you like decorating?  How do you keep yourself motivated?

Andrea Midnight Rollerblinds c/o Blinds Supermarket.  All views and opinions are our own.

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