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Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Latest Health and Beauty Buys

Chemist Direct Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles

At the beginning of the holidays I had a clear out of our family first aid and medicine cabinet (Danny has a cabinet all of his own for his medication).   I threw away all of the out of date medicine bottles and pill pots (mainly out of date multivitamins that I buy and never use as I can't stomach the taste!).

I then had a restock of all the first aid essentials ready for the Summer Holidays just in case we had cuts, scrapes and bruises.  We've actually been pretty lucky, but I'm still glad that we stocked up, "just in case", especially with Danny taking warfarin.

Chemist Direct Health and Beauty

I still needed a health and beauty restock though so these are my latest buys:

I have low iron levels and find this natural form of iron works best for me as well as eating iron rich foods, and is more fully absorbed.  I  prefer the apple flavoured one as it's easier to take. The sachets  are very convenient.  I keep a few in my handbag in case I don't have time to take them at home during the busy school run morning.
I wear contact lenses and usually use drops to help keep my eyes refreshed.  I will really appreciate these eye drops during the early morning gets ups next week (eek).

I alternate between different shampoos all of the time.  I'm always on the look out for cruelty free, vegan and paraben free products and Faith in Nature tick every box.  They also sell a Neem and Propolis   Shampoo and Conditioner which is said to discourage headlice so I may pick that up for the kids too.

I couldn't resist adding this soap to my order as I love starting a new bar of soap (it's all about the simple pleasures in life, huh?).  This soap nourishes skin, promotes growth and is full of healthy anti-oxidants which provide for your skin and promote a a more rejuvenated look.   Cool green tea can be used as a facial toner full of anti-oxidants too.

I always keep a brush, lip balm and natural body spray in my handbag.  Again, these come in handy on those rushed school mornings.  This lip balm will also protect my lips in the cold winter months.
I appreciate a long soak in the bath all the more in Autumn and Winter.  These bath salts exfoliate and also sooth aches and pains away.  They are also a natural and cruelty free product.

I have no idea if Bach Rescue Remedies really work or not.  For all I know it could be a placebo effect.  However, if I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I know that they do help to calm me down.  The pastilles are alcohol free so can also be used by children- useful if they are worried about starting school.  They come in a handy tin which can easily be carried around.  I reuse the tins for craft storage too.

All of the items above can be purchased from Chemist Direct, I liked seeing the savings add up in my basket.  They currently have lots of back to school offers.  It was easy to order and my parcel of goodies arrived quickly.  

What health and beauty buys have you bought lately?

A voucher was provided to review the Chemist Direct ordering service.  All views and opinions are my own.


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