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Monday, 24 August 2015

Five Ways to Keep Kids Entertained When Travelling

Entertaining Kids While Travelling

Holidays are great, and the travel is of course, part of the adventure.  However, when that adventure equals a long journey and delayed flights, having ways to keep the kids entertained will definitely make the time pass more quickly (and pleasantly) for all the family.

Here are five ways to keep the kids entertained when travelling:

Entertaining Kids While Travelling

1.  Pack a  Compact Travel Game

The kids always pick a favourite travel game when we go on holiday.  This could be a travel version of Connect4, Draughts or Chess.  A pack of cards and a box of dominoes are also easy to pack for travel.  I play them with the kids to keep them entertained, and it makes the time pass far more quickly for me too.

Entertaining Kids While Travelling

2.  Pack a Colouring Book and Crayons

Since having a toddler, I don't think I've ever left the house without paper and crayons.  Younger kids love mark making and colouring, while older kids can make a travel journal or play games, such as "Squares" and "Noughts and Crosses".

Entertaining Kids While Travelling



3.  Watch a Movie

Do you remember when the only time you could catch a movie on holiday was if you were lucky enough to have inflight entertainment or a movie night at your holiday resort?  

Now, our generation of children can carry films (and books, of course) around to watch (and read) whenever they want (lucky things!).  Pack a tablet, full of favourite movies (and books) ready for the kids to watch. 

 This Summer, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Eye Airports made this easier for families by offering them the chance to download films to their devices ahead of their departures from Gatwick Airport.  You can also download Fox Films at discount prices,from their Movie of the Day App, ready for your journey.

4.  Pack Healthy Snacks

We all need to eat.  While travelling, mealtimes can be out of the usual routine due to flight times etc.  Pack lots of healthy, nutritious snacks and bottles of water.  As well as relieving hunger, a snack break can also relieve boredom. 

5.  Sleep

Sleep to entertain?  This may sound like strange advice but sleeping on a journey makes the time pass a lot more quickly and means children are happy and refreshed when they reach their destination.  Pack a travel pillow and blanket, and encourage your kids to take a nap, you never know, you may be able to have one too!

Thank you to Fox for our Travel Pack.  All views and opinions are our own. 



  1. We have a 9 hour flight to Florida with an almost 3 year old next month so I've been reading lots of these type of blog posts for inspiration! And I've been stocking up on sticker books too, that always keeps my little boy quiet! x

    1. Oh yes, sticker books and sticker packs are great too. Have a great flight- Florida will be so worth it! :-) x


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