Choosing a Floor for Danny’s Bedroom

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, Choosing a Floor for Danny’s Bedroom

Last month, I shared plans for the new colour scheme going into Danny’s updated “teen bedroom”.

One thing that I didn’t mention was he will also need new flooring.  The original blue carpet has worn so thin it definitely needs replacing.  I had hoped that the original wood floors below would suffice with a stain and polish, but on closer inspection it will benefit from being covered too.

Carpet or Laminate Flooring in a Teen Bedroom?

The first decison we had to make was whether to go for carpet again or replace with laminate flooring.  

The main benefits of carpet are that they would be soft and warm for Danny’s feet.  They are also great for heat and noise insulation (this is useful when your child plays guitar, bass and drums!).

The drawback that I find with having carpet in children’s rooms, is it makes it hard to play with floor toys, such as cars and other moving floor toys.  I also find them harder to keep clean.  I have to wet vacumn his carpet quite often due to spilt cups of tea or overflowing experiments (he loves chemistry sets too).

The benefits of a laminate flooring are they are affordable, stylish and hardwearing.  They also offer a great surface for playing floor toys and gadgets.  Danny has a collection of robots too!  A rug can be used to cushion those toes on cold, early mornings, so with a laminate floor you can get the best of both worlds.  Laminate floors are quick and easy to keep clear and clean too.

Which Laminate Floor?

Our next decison was which laminate floor to go for?  There is a lot more options than when we bought our first laminate floor many years ago.  The choice of colours has greatly increased too.

I think to go with Danny’s grey/black/lime colour scheme a grey or white floor would complement best.  Personally, my favourite is the white Dynamic Aspen Oak Laminate Flooring.  It would give the room such a fresh, light look and open up this small bedroom.  
I also like the grey toned darker  Belgravia Boulder Oak Laminate Flooring and wonder if  being darker, it may be more forgiving and easy to care for.

However I am reassured that my original white  choice is “Sleek, stunning and strong.  A great choice for families.”  I think I’m definitely swayed by white.  The room will be a blank canvas and easy to update over the years.

What floor do you think works well in a “soon to be” teen bedroom?  

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, Choosing a Floor for Danny’s Bedroom


  1. , Choosing a Floor for Danny’s Bedroom
    July 4, 2015 / 11:18 am

    Oh I love the limey colour scheme of Danny's new room – it will look fab! We have carpets throughout the bedrooms at the moment and laminate downstairs. Both have their pros and cons. I think a grey laminate might work – we have one in our kitchen and it hides a multitude of sins!! 😉

    • , Choosing a Floor for Danny’s Bedroom
      Claire Evans
      July 6, 2015 / 11:29 am

      Thanks! Yes, I love the colours! That's good to know about the grey laminate! 🙂 x

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