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Thursday, 18 June 2015


I am the mum who tag

I was recently tagged by Leanne from A Slice of My Life Wales to take part in the "I'm the mum who..." tag.  So, here is my post:

To Isabelle, Caitlyn, Rebecca and Danny,

I am the mum who

  •  is now a mum of four, where has that young, first time mum gone, I often  wonder (and before you ask Danny, no, I haven't eaten her!).
  • loves you all so much more than you will ever know (yes, really!)
  • loved having each of you as babies so much, the baby-wearing, breastfeeding, co sleeping, bathing and years full of firsts was such a special time that I will always treasure.
  • always means well but often makes mistakes (sorry!).
  • is quick to put mistakes right and always makes it up to you.
  • will always do all I can to make your dreams come true.
  • will be there for you when life isn't going the way you hoped it would.
  • loves to go on adventures with you and believes that experiences are more important than "things" (although you do have more than enough "things" too, believe me!).
  • needs her "more than daily" hugs from each of you.
  • treasures these hugs and squeezes and secretly dreads the day when they won't be so frequent.  We record the "firsts" but never realise the "lasts".
  • could watch you play, talk and laugh all day, you each put a smile on my face and amaze me constantly.
  • gives you all her energy until I completely run out at the end of the day (then I become a grumpy mummy).
  • loves spending time with you all but then can't wait for bedtime and four sleeping kids so I can rest, have head space and peace and quiet ready to recharge for the next busy day.
  • often dislikes the mundane side of being a mum, the constant clearing up, cooking (me and Dad feed you every day-surely you're full by now?), the washing of clothes (since having each of you I can see the benefits of living in a naturist commune!) and the repeating of orders that are oh so often ignored (I've heard that people experience hearing loss as they get older but I didn't realise that this loss begins at the age of three!).
  • is so proud of you all but doesn't tell you enough.
  • is learning every day.  You won't realise until you are much older but I was not born a mummy and in fact I'm just winging it at the moment (sorry, kids), the same goes for your dad too, we should be grateful that we are doing OK so far!
  • hates seeing you in pain, but tries to be be brave and tell you that it's all going to be OK.
  • gives you the credit for all your good points, how kind, caring, selfless, clever and funny you are, it humbles me and I'm honoured to be your mum.
  •  completely blames myself for all your, ahem, not so good points, your quick temper and stubbornness- I blame myself for passing on these attributes.  OK, your dad may have helped too.
  • has unintentionally broken so many parenting rules that I put in place for myself, I have swore in front of you so many times (I know, the shame!), mainly when driving and singing along to my favourite metal songs at the top of my voice.  I hope this will teach you the valuable lesson of knowing when different types of behaviour are inappropriate and you will learn from my mistakes!
  • is forever taking natural photos of you together and with dad as I want to treasure these memories forever.   The childhood years are slipping through my fingers and there's no pause button (believe me, I've looked).
  • will always appreciate the help that other's have given me over the years to make me the mum I am today.  This adventure would not have been possible without your dad, Dave and it would not have been so much fun without Granny, Grampy, Uncle Candy, Nanny, Aunty Jo Jo, Aunty Ceri, all "the Greats" and lots more family and friends who have helped us along the way (thank you all!).
  • forgets to get in photos with you- I need to do this more (it was a struggle finding recent photos for this post and I have noticed that I'm always either holding alcohol, wearing a bobble hat or both!  Such a glam mum!) 
  • often repeats herself but wants you to know that I really do love you so, forever and ever, all the way to the moon and beyond.  Please always know that.  Never forget it.


Thank you for reading, if you're a mum I challenge YOU to write your "I am the Mum who" post if you haven't already of course.  I look forward to reading them!


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  1. Loved your post Claire, the bit about you eating the younger you tickled me!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales


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