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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Five Baby Travel Essentials

Travelling with a baby is fun as long as you have all the essentials to keep your child comfortable both during the journey and at your destination.

Here are some items that we have found indispensable on different kinds of family holidays over the years:

1.  As a baby wearer, the most necessary product for me that always came everywhere with us was my baby carrier.  I used a Freedom Sling when they were newborns, then a Wilkinet from when they were a few weeks old (both of which are sadly no longer in production).   Shop around and ask to try friends before you buy (some towns now have sling libraries) .  I spent a lot of money on slings and carriers that I ended up not using.  Once I found the Wilki, I spent about £40 on it and certainly got my money's worth as it was used to carry my three youngest girls over five years.  I still occasionally take it out to bear some of the weight when hip wearing my youngest.

2.  Before you invest in a travel cot for your holiday check ahead to see if your accommodation will supply one.  If they do, you may just need to pack a travel mattress for extra comfort or a pop up Sun and Sleep Coat which can be needed for shade on the beach or by the poolside.  

3.  If your baby has just started weaning, you will find that a travel high chair is required.  These fold down or deflate to pack small but are so useful along the way and on arrival.  They are also helpful if your child likes some supported sitting time to ease the boredom of travelling too.  A change is as good as a rest, they say!

4.  Another great boredom buster for babies when travelling is a good travel blanket.  We found when travelling that our little ones got restless after long periods in their car seats, baby carrier, stroller or even on our laps.  Take breaks from travelling when you can and make the most of "waiting times" while at the airport, ferry or bus station.  To be able to put down a blanket and allow your baby to have some play or tummy time is fundamental.  Buy a good quality one that can be used outdoors too for double the use.  Lay out some of your babies favourite toys and you can both enjoy some downtime during the journey. This blanket can also mark out the babies play area in your holiday accommodation.  

5.  The good news for parents on a budget is I've always found that the pushchairs at the lower end of the price range tend to be the best to take with you when travelling.  You just want a basic, light, easy to fold and quick to put up again pushchair.  Again, before you buy/pack one check if you can hire one at your destination if luggage space will be an issue for you.  We have found that at some theme parks the hire buggies are only suitable for babies from six months.  If you are on a self drive holiday with a younger baby then a travel system, will be crucial for you.  Your baby can stay sleeping from the car to on the pushchair without even knowing they've been moved.  Online4baby have a new showroom where you can not only browse all these useful products in comfort, but also make use of their vital services such as free car seat fitting.

Enjoy your travels.  It's amazing how even from such a young age you can see your baby taking in all the sights around them.  They may not personally remember these journeys but the experiences will have a positive impact on them in more ways than you'll realise.

This is a collaborative post with online4baby


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