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Monday, 15 June 2015

Clothing Gift Guide for Newborn Babies

A selection of clothes available from the Tesco Babywear Department from £3 - £10

While my kids have all outgrown the baby clothing section at the clothes stores, I still find myself regularly browsing in the Tesco baby aisles as many of our friends are now having babies of their own.

I tend to usually buy some clothes, a toy, something useful (toiletries etc) and a small gift for the parent.

I love buying packs of sleepsuits as these are so practical for the early months.  Bodysuits are great too, especially for babies during the warmer seasons (Danny was born just before a heat wave so spent most of his early days in only a bodysuit).  I do try to avoid "character clothing" for newborns, but then I see a supercute design and just "have to get it".  I adore the Paddington, Dumbo and Sesame Street clothes above. The bodysuits have such a retro feel to them.  You can buy lovely starter gift sets which feature a sleepsuit, bodysuit, leggings, hat, bib and mittens from £8, which make a great affordable bundle.

A complete outfit is also a great gift for a new baby.  The Lollipop Print Dress with Briefs will make a lovely, comfortable summer dress for a young baby, as would the Tropical Dungarees and T-Shirt Set.  I would add a hat and some socks and this would be a complete outfit ready for the parents to dress the baby in.

Other essentials for new babies are bibs, scratch mittens, hats, socks and tights.  I have to confess that I was not keen on baby shoes when my kids were little.  I used to put Danny in baby shoes, but he would kick them off and I would always have to retrace my steps to find his missing shoe.  Oh, the hours I spent looking for lost shoes!  I gave up by the time I had the girls and they only wore socks and tights until they were about eight months old and beginning to stand and walk.  We still lost lots of socks but they were cheaper to replace!  Some parents love baby shoes though and I have to admit they are adorable to look at!  

Another great gift for summer babies is a Sunsafe Swimsuit.  My kids have all been on the beach from newborns and these suits would have been so useful for them.

Some more tips to remember when buying clothing for babies are:

  • the most important factor is the baby's comfort so choose clothes made out of cotton that have poppers and openings that enable the parent to dress the baby easily.
  •  think carefully about the size you will need.  If you wait until the baby is born and you know the weight then you can choose the next size up so the baby will get a few months wear out of it.  
  • If you are buying clothes for when the baby is a few months older then check the clothes will still be seasonally appropriate.  
  • Remember baby boys wear tights too-especially during the cooler months.
What are your favourite clothing gifts for new babies?

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