This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

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, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

Oh dear, I’m finding it so hard to fit in blogging at the moment, but the good news is it’s because I’m busy and happy in life.  I’m sure normal blog business will resume soon!

The Weekend

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

I’m really glad I’m writing these posts as a way of keeping track of life as it’s already hard to remember what we actually did last weekend!  It was the Bank Holiday Weekend, so on  Sunday we went to Llys Y Fran with Mum and Jo.  We had a look at the Dam and took a walk around the memorial garden for lost children.  The park was sadly closed for repair work.  Hopefully I’ll get my Country Kids post up about that soon.  I always hug my children tighter after visiting there.

The Week That Was

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

Then on Bank Holiday Monday we walked (quite far actually!) to one of my favourite places Monk Haven.  I can’t wait to write that post.  We played in the park, saw tadpoles, walked country lanes, past the pretty church, picked wild garlic, climbed the rocks, paddled, played on the rope swings and in the old ruin and then walked home.  I loved how the kids sang songs to each other to keep them motivated.  It was such a lovely day and everyone did so well to walk so far.

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

After a Bank holiday, Tuesday feels like the “Manic Monday” of the week, doesn’t it?  Caitlyn had a football event with school, which she enjoyed.  I had a surprisingly inspring Tuesday at  a Springboard Event.  I was looking forward to attending as I knew we were finding out about a stained glass window project that I am going to take part in and I also I hoped that  I would get the chance to see the author Jackie Morris again (me and the kids love her books and illustrations).   Sadly, she didn’t make it, but the day was amazing all the same.  We learnt all about the National Library of Wales, in Aberystwyth, and the more I heard about this fascinating place the more I wondered why I haven’t visited before.  When I went home to tell Dave I wanted to visit there he said that if we do we can see his music, which is archived there.   Of course, I also want to see the smallest book and oldest manuscript and important things like that too.  At the event, we were told of  an inspiring lady, whose legacy was to leave the money for this project.  How lovely that her love of craft is being passed on in this way.  I hope to write a post about her one day too.

That afternoon, I went into school with Rebecca and we painted some pottery.  I wanted to do some Dandelion “Make a wish” designs but Rebecca chose a ladybird on a leaf design so we went with that.  We’ll be painting more every Tuesday.

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

After a usual school and work day on Wednesday, I had a fun choir practice.  It was our last one before our first performance.  I’m going on my own at the moment but hoping to encourage Rebecca to join again and Caitlyn has now expressed an interest too.  

After choir, I went for a run with Rebecca.  We only did just over nearly 3 miles around the block as I’m trying to ease in gently.  I had to stop to walk on times but really enjoyed it.  

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

On Thursday morning Dave, Izzy and I went to vote of course!

Then, in the afternoon I went to family singing with Rebecca at school.  I was so impressed that some parents offered to sing solos straight away.  It really encouraged the children and made me wonder what’s stopping me doing the same.  Other people inspire me every day in this life of mine.

After school, as there was no Rainbows due to voting, we went bowling with Mum, Jo and Cerys.  This was fun and good for older ones.  Izzy lost interest and just wanted to run around.  Dave met us there after work, I felt so happy and grateful to see him when he turned up.  Then Danny went to gymnastics club, so it was a busy night for him.

I stayed up most of Thursday night with the rest of the country watching the count results.

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

I felt shocked at the results we awoke to on Friday morning.  Lots of people felt the same so I feel encoursaged that we can still make a positive change.  I met a few friends during the afternoon for a drink while the kids were in school.  If it was sunny, we were going to sit on the balcony and enjoy the view but it was so cold, wet and windy we had to stay indoors.

Friday night, I went for a run with Caitlyn.  I had planned to run further but as it was my first time running with Caitlyn I re-ran the 3 miler instead.  I ran more and completed it a bit faster though.  I really need a training watch or app to record my progress more accurately.

On this day, I also signed up for the Cardiff half marathon, a run that I have been planning to take part in for years.  I also entered the London Marathon Ballot, but of course have to wait until October to find out if I have a place or not.  I now need to enter a 5k coming up soon and a 10k in a month or two.

Other things…

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

We are now part of the Netflix Stream Team.  I can’t wait to share with you what we’ve all been watching!

, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

I also treated myself to the Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guidedata-imagelightbox="g">, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015 book.  I have been a fan of Gabrielle’s blog for many years so have been really looking forward to this!  I’ve also bought a new candle.  Yes, I know- I need to start making my own again instead of buying them!

This weekend we have our first performance with choir and a lot more running planned…have a good week everyone!


, This Week / Life Lately / 2nd May 2015

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