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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Rath at Sunset

sunset The Rath Pembrokeshire

In the Easter Holidays, we really enjoyed the long evenings with no worries about having to get up for school the next day.  We love to watch the sunset each clear evening, preferably from a beach.  Sadly, the closest beach to our house faces south so we only have an orange corner of the beach-nothing like the spectacular views at the west facing beaches.

sunset The Rath Pembrokeshire
Enjoying our chippy tea
Dancing in the sunset
Dancing in the sunset

sunset The Rath Pembrokeshire
Orange sky over Hakin

sunset The Rath Pembrokeshire
A sunset show

One evening we were about to go home for tea, when we realised the sun was about to set.  We didn't have time to get to a beach, so we quickly headed to the Rath.  We enjoyed a quick chippy supper on a bench and then watched the sunset.

I didn't have time to adjuct my settings and take a good photo, instead I had to just take a few quick snaps while running after Izzy, but just by pure luck, a few of them turned out ok anyway (by ok I mean orange as opposed to white!).  I have since found out that sunset photos are best to be taken in RAW mode.

When on the beach, I can take my time as the kids play safely, but close to a road, it's really hard to use two hands for photography!

Local photographers have taken stunning images of sunsets on the rath including The Fisherman Statue as well as the Bandstand (that I also captured thanks to the kids putting on an after dinner show for me) so I know that it is a great view to get photos from- I just need more practice!

I can't wait to take more sunset on the beach photos and also to do more sunset art and craft with the kids.

If you have any advice about shooting sunsets- please let me know!


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