Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

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, Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

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We are loving these Spring Evenings, and making the most of being outdoors for as long as we can.  On Sunday, we enjoyed our first garden barbecue of the year at my mums and it reminded me that as well as getting the garden ready for playing outside during the sunny days I also need to get the lighting, shelters and blankets ready for those colder, dark Spring evenings.  I love staying outside at this quiet hour, watching the bats, gazing at the stars and sipping a refreshing drink.


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The Basics

Firstly, I think every garden needs good security and porch lighting.  This can be picked up affordably at any home store.  I love the new upstanding porch lights available too-very stylish.

, Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

Designer Lighting

If you can afford it, think of your garden like an outdoor room and invest in at least one designer lamp to be the main focus light of your garden.  I would love a Vibia Wind Floor Lamp in my garden like the one above.

Decorative Lighting

For me, this is the  most fun part of lighting the garden.  Hang string lights on the trees, hedges, across a fence and in the kids fairy garden pots- this looks  so magical!  I like to use string lights, table lights and solar powered ground sticks for a modern garden look.  We also like to save our tins, punch out patterns, pop in a tealight and hang these garden lanterns up in the garden when entertaining- it looks so pretty!  


, Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

As the evening draws and the breezes get colder, it’s nice to shelter before giving in and going indoors.  We always used to put windbreakers up , these can still be found on beach and camping sites and look quite funky and retro now.  The kids always like to make quick dens with old sheets and I’ve been meaning to make a garden tee pee with them for ages.  We just put an old sheet over the washing line and peg it down but  my friend Vicky from Owl and the Accordian made this gorgeous den for her son a while back and also includes a tutorial so you can make your own even if you don’t have a large line.


, Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

Now is the time to get a basket of blankets ready so you and any guests can quickly cover up as the heat goes down.  I’ll also have a basket of towels ready once the pool goes up.  Buy garden cushions or keep some old cushions and cover in oil cloth for garden use and you’ll want to stay out all night!

, Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

How will you be lighting your garden this Spring and keeping cosy in the colder evenings?  I’d love to know!

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, Spring Outdoor Garden Lighting, Shelters and Blankets

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