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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring Garden Wishes

Spring Garden Dandelion

As you know, we have lots of plans for our garden for Spring and Summer.  We are still finding it difficult to find time (for Dave) to implement the big plans, such as the shed and the playhouse.  We had some perfect gardening weather recently, but I admit that instead of using it wisely we headed to the beach (I don't regret it though). 

Spring Garden Painted Lady Butterfly

Then we had some miserable weather again and a busy week so I didn't manage to get out there much, so this week  I have been trying to make up for it and spend some time after the morning school run making the garden a nicer place to spend time.

Spring Garden Tree Bee

Multiyork have recently published a post about Spring Gardening.  I love how it helps by giving a clear order- mow the lawn, tidy the shrubs and then add the finishing touches like pretty planters (I usually rush to this part as it's my favourite).

Spring Garden Ladybird

So today was spent mowing and tidying.   Izzy and I really enjoyed our time in the garden and it reminded me that the process of gardening is as important as the end result.  We chatted as we gardened.  We spotted lots of bugs- ants, ladybirds, penny sows, beetles, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, worms and spiders.

Spring Garden Speckled Wood Butterfly

Spring Garden Snowdrop

I often feel like I don't have enough time to garden, but oddly, spending this morning outdoors made my whole day feel longer and I still managed to get everything else done.  Fresh air and  sunshine is always a good thing.

Spring Garden

I have already got some old bright wellies ready to use as new planters this year.  I'd also love to find an old vintage pram to fill with pot plants.  I really like the whimsical bicycle planter featured on the Multiyork guide too (take a look, you will love it!).

We are also thinking carefully  about what vegetables to plant this year to get the most use out of them- last year I seemed to just plant foods that I happened to have the seeds for!

Have you spent time in your garden recently?  How is your garden coming along?  Any tips?  Please let me know.  

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