Happy Easter

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, Happy Easter

Wishing you a Happy Easter (from our crazy eyed pom pom chicks!).

, Happy Easter

Our felted eggs didn’t turn out as well as planned so we’ll take that as a learning experience for next time!  We ran out of time to sew up our knitted chicks and bunnies, but it’s still Spring, so we’ll do that next week.  I’ve also discovered that all of the kids need spring shoes and sandals- they only have school shoes, black boots, muddy tainers and wellies at the moment.  All sandals, pumps and best trainers have been worn down or grown out off but not quite into for the next one along!

Hey ho, we’re off in our Easter dresses and shirts, Easter Bonnets and bunny ears, to our family Easter Egg hunt.  

Have fun everyone!


, Happy Easter

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