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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Big Thank You to my Amazing Mum


As we approach Mother's Day, we think about how thankful we are for our mums.  I have so much to thank my mum for, I'm not sure where to start or if I can ever thank her enough but here is a start...

  • Thank you for always making me and my sisters feel loved and wanted.  From the time we were born, you've made it clear how much we meant to you. You had a hard time and we should have been four sisters instead of three but you always made us three feel treasured.

  • Thank you for teaching me to read, write and so much more.  I remember you helping me to read letters with alphabet tops, writing out words and cutting them out so I could make sentences, having patience as I learnt to write left handed and struggled to remember which direction to start and you listened to me read the many long (so long!) stories that I wrote most days without complaint.

  • Thank you for using your kind hands to make useful things.  You sewed us pretty clothes, knitted our cardigans and made so much for our school.  I felt proud knowing you'd covered the chairs and made the bean bags we played with.  You also always shared your time and taught the other school kids to sew.  Now you love to knit clothes and toys for our children.

  • Thank you for reassuring me that you'd be ok when I worried that you'd miss me when I started school.  I knew I'd miss our "boiled eggs on toast while watching Tickle on The Tum" lazy mornings.

  • Thank you for always thinking of us.  When you went back to work you bought us a little gift from your first wages.  Mine was a Globe shaped sharpener which I always treasured.

  • Thank you for planning lovely things for us.  You carefully thought out our home and our bedrooms, and Daddy built it.  Our  family house will always be a home full of love and warmth and I loved my childhood bedroom which you put so much time and effort into.

  • Thank you for planning wonderful family holidays for us.  We will always have those memories and experiences.  Every morning you were  always the first one up to make breakfast and kept going all day fitting in as much as you can.
  • Thank you for planning amazing parties and picnics.  We have had the best street, family and friends parties over the years.  You and Daddy shared with us your love of singing, dancing and having fun.  Again you are always the first one up to get everything ready and usually the last to stop partying.  Even your picnics are always memorable.  Whenever we see you writing "one of your lists" we know good things (and food and drink) are going to happen!

  • Thank you for not losing your smile even through all the hard times you've had.  We've had lots of tears over the years losing your parents and then our Dad, your husband, but somehow we have always had smiles and laughter too and I know that's what they all would want for us even though I know it's hard.
  • Thank you for being there for me when I became a mother myself.  We went through more hard times as Danny, your baby grandson was born with a serious heart problem and needed heart surgery.  Again, your organising skills came into their own and you made sure that, thanks to Jo driving, we all got to be with Danny in Cardiff and then Birmingham.  Once we had Danny's diagnosis, I couldn't face seeing anyone except Dave or you.  You stayed with me until I had cried enough to eventually face the rest of the family.  We got through the first operation together and eventually brought our little boy home.  In the car, on the long, painful, anxious journey to Birmingham you told me that he would be alright and he was

  • Thank you for letting my new little family live with you while we sorted a home of our own.  We completely took over your home with all the baby paraphernalia but you never complained.  You even learnt how to tube feed Danny so you could do a few feeds for us.  I know you'd do anything still for your special boy.

  • Thank you for being there again for us all through Danny's second and third operations.  Even though each time we have been so far from home, we've been so lucky to always have our family and friends with us.
  • Thank you for being strong when you had your own health scare in 2007.  We were told it was serious and to be prepared for the worst but we were not ready to let you go.  You were unconscious for days with no idea what was wrong, but we travelled the hour journey to see you every day because we couldn't leave you on your own.  When you became conscious again we communicated with an alphabet sheet and lots of guessing of words.  I once again read to you but this time the daily newspaper, not my stories.  You were out of the woods but still in hospital over Christmas.  This is always such a special time of year for us thanks to the magic and hard work that you always put into it.  You were selfless and  told us not to visit you on Christmas Day so we could enjoy the day with our  young families.  We couldn't though as it would not have been Christmas without seeing you on the day so we travelled up and surprised you.  That year Christmas just wasn't the same but we joke now about the extent you went to to get out of making Christmas Dinner (please don't ever do it again, though!)

  • Thank you for always making our days out and adventure fun.  The kids ask you, "Why is it always sunny when you come out with us, Nanny?"
  • Our grown up adventures at the cinema, shows, restaurants and bar are always great and often crazy times too!

  • Thank you for being super strong last year when my big sister, your eldest daughter, Jo suffered a massive stroke.  It was such a huge shock for us all, but together we got through it.  Thank you for all the time you have given to Jo and Cerys.  You work full time but also help Jo as well as the school runs for Cerys.  Jo is doing really well and  is now back in a home of her own, with support from you, thanks to the hard work that you and the rest of the family put in.

Thank you so much Mum, for always being there for all of us.  We love you so much and will always be grateful for all you have done and continue to do for us all.

This is my entry into the Great Rail Journeys Mother's Day competition as I would love to take my mum on a lovely break to Bruges and Ghent to repay in some way all she has done for me.


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