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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Luxury Living Room Floor Inspiration


 Once we have completed our garden this Spring (our new shed and playhouse have been ordered!) our next project will be the living room.  When we first moved in with a young baby (Danny) all those years ago we decided to keep the original carpet until he had finished the crawling, spilling and potty training stage.  Three more babies (and a lot more wear to the carpet!) later, I can't wait to replace it.  

I would love a wooden floor with a large colourful rug.  Having four children, a wooden floor would certainly be a practical choice.  It will also brighten the room and give it a more modern finish.

There are so many different types of wooden floors out there now.  I want something that looks natural, is hardwearing, affordable and easy for Dave to lay.  For our living room, I think brushed and oiled engineered flooring would be the best solution.  It is suitable to lay over underfloor heating, has the character and qualities of natural wood and only neededs to be reoiled in the worn areas so it is an easy and hardwearing floor to maintain.

I'm looking forward to this project.  Once the garden is complete, we can order free samples to decide which species and shade goes best with our existing furniture.  Then clear the room before laying the new floor and finally sitting down on the sofa to admire our new floor once it's all finished.

What's your ideal floor for the living room?

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