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Monday, 1 December 2014

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad (and the Men in your Life)

Enjoying the outdoors
Enjoying the outdoors

People often tell me that the person they find most difficult to buy for at Christmas is their dad or the man in their life. Sadly, I lost my own Dad over ten years ago so that's not an issue that I've had for a while, however I still have significant men in my life that I need to buy for, the most significant being Dave.  Most dads are not the ‘materials’ kind of people, and the things they do want tend to be carefully selected and bought themselves, rather than noting them down as a possible present. If you constantly find yourself in this situation come holiday time, try the below solutions for some unique gift ideas for the men in your life this Christmas.

An Outdoor Hideaway

Men love to have a hideaway- Dave's is his band practice room in his workshop.  Christmas time in Australia means warm weather and outdoor activities.  Here in the UK, it is not as warm but we still like to spend time in our gardens, especially if we have a Shed or Summer House for Shelter too.   Dads often pride themselves on what the outdoor area of their house looks like.  For a Christmas gift idea, try some outdoor furnishings from outdoor specialists like Super A-Mart to really make your dad feel at home in his outdoor getaway. And it doesn’t have to be a traditional table and chair set either. Why not really give him his own space by getting him a sun lounge or hanging chair.  For colder regions an outdoor heater, chiminea or fire bowl can make a practical, heartwarming outdoor gift too.

Plane Ride Flying Gift Experience
Views from a Flying Experience

Action Man

I love buying people "experiences" as well as gifts.  What dad doesn’t like to get out and have a bit of an adventure? Your options are endless with this category too, as you could start anywhere from camping to rock climbing, and go all the way to white-water rafting or skydiving.   A local plane ride can be fun too for the less adventurous.  As long as you make sure you go with him, it won’t really matter what you get. Anything that he actually gets to participate in and really get physically involved in will mean he’ll have a blast – and the fact that he’s getting to share it with you will make it even more memorable.  The gift of your time is the precious one.

Iron Maiden Lager Bottles Festival tickets

Personal Collection

Maybe you haven’t noticed it before, but a lot of men tend to have something they collect, or even used to collect when they were younger. Dave collects Iron Maiden memorabilia, books by certain authors and pint glasses.  It may mean playing detective for some of you, but try and find out what he’s fascinated enough by to go out of his way to collect and keep. And if adding to the collection proves difficult, choose a form of display for the collection so your dad will really get to show off a hobby that he loves.

Dave Bass Player

Topic of Interest

What is your dad absolutely fanatical about? Is it a sport or a particular team?  My own Dad loved rugby. Is it a band or musician? How about the production process of his favourite beverage? Get online and check out what tickets are available and what you might be able to go to together. This includes day tours of sports stadiums or breweries. If it’s something he loves, he will appreciate the thought even more.  I know Dave would love festival or gig tickets for Christmas.  A new Bass, Amp or Stereo would always be appreciated too!  

Although your dad might be a little quieter in his appreciation of the gifts you pick for him, it doesn’t mean he isn’t excited to get them. Dads can be harder to interpret and would rather not be made a fuss of. So if you still find yourself struggling to think of something this Christmas, just remember to keep it simple, keep it direct, and keep it personal; he’ll love it all the more!

What have been some of the less than exciting presents you’ve bought for your dad when you’ve been completely stuck for solutions?  Socks, anyone?  Let me know in the comments below.

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