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Monday, 8 December 2014

Decluttering and Storage Ideas with Infographic

Decluttering and Storage Ideas
Star Book Ledges / KVISSLE Wall Newspaper Rack / BEKVAM Spice rack / Humble Vintage Storage Boxes / KASSETT Box and Lid /  SKUBB Shoe Box / TROFAST Storage / Large Eden Playtable with Storage 

Our Christmas Decorations are not up yet.  This year I am determined that the house will be fully decluttered first.  Otherwise it just all looks a bit too much and add to that all the new presents that may (ahem) arrive on Christmas Day, I really need to make space.

We're also very aware that we are living in a three bed house, with only the potential to make it a four bed, however as we have four children, for us, five bedrooms plus an extra
bathroom would be more suitable.

We are not in a position to sell and buy yet, but we've decided to start the decluttering and renovating now so that one the house is nicer for us to live in and two so that we will be ready when that time comes.

We spent all weekend going through old craft supplies, childhood scribbles, broken clocks,  teddies, scratched CDs and just so much stuff which needed to be chucked or organised.

We have thrown out a lot but I now need a restock of organising essentials to store the things we need to keep.  We already have some of the above storage ideas but certainly need more, so I'm ordering a few today to finish this job.

I was also sent an infographic today about the  Benefits of Decluttering Before and After a House Move which I am sharing with you: 

Thank you for this Ecomovers- I need all the inspiration I can get!

Do you have any decluttering tips or storage ideas to share with me?

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