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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Stronger Knowledgeable New You for the New Year SKNY Box Review

SKNY Box Review

Being a mum of four, I know how important it is for me to keep fit and healthy.  However, also with being a mum of four, I know how hard it is to find the time just to even think about making the all important changes.

SKNY Box Review

I couldn't wait to review a SKNY Box as I felt this would be a good way to kick start my  healthy eating regime again.  Firstly, SKNY has nothing to so with the word skinny- it stands for a stronger knowledgeable new you, which sounds like just what I need!

SKNY Box Review

I was very excited when the first package arrived.  It was quite a treat to open and unwrap.  I apologise for the lack of box pics.  I attempted an "opening vlog" so forgot to take photos along the way until I'd already opened it!

SKNY Box Review

The box is full of great ideas to make healthy living simple and fun.  

"We  believe that to achieve a better body & healthier lifestyle you just need 3 simple habits…Eat, Cook, Do.

That’s why every box is designed to give you the tools to make these habits part of your daily life in a fun, simple way."

SKNY Box Review

The box contains a selection of products ready to eat 

  • A bag of Propercorn – popcorn done properly.  These had only 109 calories so were a good treat to have while watching a film.
  • A carton of Beauty Candy – I couldn't try these as I don't eat Gelatin, but they also contain collagen and aim to make snacking both healthy and beneficial.  
  • Soffles Rosemary and Thyme Pitta Chips – these were delicious and I'm pleased to see that they are suitable for vegans too.  
  • A pack of Lemony Lover Oloves - I love olives so having a snack pack like this was ideal.  Danny will love these too, so I will definitely repurchase.
  • A Nakd Cashew Cookie Bar,  which I was delighted to see.  I lover Nakd products but they're not easy to find where I live.  They are vegan, gluten free and absolutely delicious.  I took this on the school run as soon as I opened the box!
  • Raw Booster sachet - this is what I am drinking in the above photo.  It contains many of the ingredients that I try and take when I'm on a detox.  It is much easier to drink them together like this.  Yes, it looks and tastes like seaweed, gulp, but really boosts your immune system and energy levels.  I had a really bad cold when I opened my box so I really needed this.
  • A carton of Lemon Green Iced Hampstead Tea.  This was so delicious and refreshing.  Again, I grabbed it for the school run.  I have had a bad habit of grabbing iced coffee on the go recently and I think this drink will help me to kick that caffeine habit.

SKNY Box Review

  • A pot of Kabuto Noodles – what every busy mum needs- a healthy, quick lunch.  I admit I often skip this meal of the day Backus of time.  This went down well, especially on a cold day when you can't face a salad.  I will buy some for my son too to have on the hop between school and clubs he goes to!
  • A tin of Natvia sweetener- ideal if you need to give up a sugar addiction.  I don't take sugar in drinks or added to food but we will use this in our baking.
  • Flavour Magic Harissa Spices- which were delicious with meat free fillets.
SKNY Box Review

Benefits of SKNY Box

The box has inspired me to eat healthier in the New Year.  I haven't done a detox in years but inspired by the raw Food Booster I am now planning to do one in January.  It's also made me aware of more products I can buy to help with my healthy eating.  I also know that if I found myself slacking on the plan, then I would feel motivated again each time the new box arrived.  It is a new concept and I can see a community growing who will also encourage each other with their healthy eating and the fitness plans once this community expands.

Of course, there is a cost but you get a good amount of food for the price and also some people spend money on slim clubs or gym memberships so it can be justified.  It is worth it for the overall health benefits.

The New Year good news is SKNY Box are kindly giving 50% off to Diary of the Evans-Crittens Blog Readers.  The code is:  SKNY50CE (This offer applies across all their plans so you can now grab a box from as little as £6.25 per month.)

Thank you to all my blog readers this year.  Happy New Year to you, here's to a Stronger, Healthier, Knowledgeable, New You!  

I was sent a SKNY Box to review.  All opinions are honest and my own.


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