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Monday, 25 August 2014

I Carried a Watermelon- Dirty Dancing Inspired Style

"I carried a watermelon."
Dirty Dancing Style Cinema Night
Ceri carried a Watermelon too!

 Our local cinema recently held a series of "Sunset Cinema" Screenings.  I love how outdoor cinema screenings are becoming more common over in the UK, as when I was a kid I was so jealous of "Drive Thru Cinemas".

We planned to go along to the screening of Dirty Dancing, however Jo was in Cardiff Hospital for a scan and we also ended up in Cardiff for Danny to have tests too (which were all fine!).  Poor Jo's procedure was cancelled in the end due to emergencies but after all the travelling, I'm glad we arranged our own home "Dirty Dancing" Night instead.

Dirty Dancing Style Cinema Night Stuffed Peppers Grilled Mushroom Pesto Tart Olives
We had lots of lovely food- mushrooms with grilled cheese, stuffed peppers, pesto tart, salad and olives.

Dirty Dancing Style Cinema Night Prosecco DVD
Photo by Ceri Evans
 We had fun listening to the soundtrack, watching Dirty Dancing and sipping Prosecco.  I haven't watched the film in years and it was definitely the first time I have watched it since Patrick Swayze died.  But I really enjoyed it and admit I may have gone Dirty Dancing crazy again!

Dirty Dancing Style Cinema Night Dance on a log

Dirty Dancing Style Cinema Night log over water

I would love to one day dance on a log like Baby and Johnny do (in reality I would probably end up breaking bones!).  Practising lifts (yeah, right!)  in a pool of natural water such as Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy would be amazing too!  I can but dream...

Dirty Dancing Style  Fashion Fever Dress Watermelon Necklace ASOS T Bar Shoes Watermelon Clutch
Fever Designs Ingalls Floral Summer Dress, £20.00 /Tigerlilly Quinn Shop Watermelon Necklace , £18 / ASOS New Look Jury Caged T Bar Flat Shoes, £17.99/  ASOS Holland Leather T-Bar  Heeled Sandals, £35 / New Look Green Watermelon  Fruit Clutch , £5
I had all intentions of dressing up for this Dirty Dancing night but somehow the night was upon me before I'd even clicked "Order" on the Fever website, however all my "online window shopping" isn't in vain when I can share it with you! 

I didn't want to wear a "replica" of any outfits from the film and wanted items that could be worn on their own merit too.  I love the Fever Dress and am still tempted to buy it and style with a Cardigan, tights and boots until next Summer!  The Watermelon Necklace is so quirky and fun.  The shoes are quite different to my usual footwear but I really like them and both options look comfy too!  Sadly, the New Look Watermelon Clutch is no longer in stock.  However, if you google "watermelon bag" there are still a few nice Watermelon Bags left on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy.  M&S are selling a fabric one, but it's not as nice as the plastic styles I've seen.

I actually could take inspiration from all the 80's does 50's looks in Dirty Dancing as I love them all!

Just always remember the infamous words,  "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Thanks to Mum, Jo and Ceri for a lovely night! 



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