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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Fever All Through The Night Brit Mums Style 2014

Hello, just a quick post from me to keep me amused travelling back the long slog from London to Pembrokeshire after Brit Mums.

(I wrote this on the bus Sunday night but after a few PicMonkey issues am only getting to publish it now!)

I was too unorganised to write a pre- Brit Mums "I'm going to Brit Mums" or "What I'm wearing to Brit Mums" post, so I will attempt an outfit one now- better late than never.

I always remember the Golden Rule when packing light for a trip away is to bring all coordinated pieces (everything must match).  The other rules for me (as I backpack on the Megabus) are the clothes have to also be both comfortable and crease free!  Therefore leggings and jersey dresses are usually a win.

Fever, Brit Mums Style, Board, Polka Dot, Red, Dresses, Shoes, Handbags

I knew I was going to wear my Fever Polka Dot Navy Dress to Brit Mums  on the Saturday 
so everything else I packed had to match around that-the jewellery, handbag, shoes and hair accessories.  

Mia Tui Lottie Claret Fever Heritage Polka Dot Navy Cream Dress

The colour navy on it's own feels a bit too sensible for me so I chose to add red to perk it up a little.  I wore the same Clarks Shoes and the same Mia Tui Lottie Claret Handbag with all my dresses.

The Dresses

Fever Heritage Polka Dot Navy Cream Dress

I really do love this fit and flare dress and the sweetheart neckline and three quarter length sleeves  meant I did feel quite cool in the heat wearing it but I admit if I was slim then a teeny Summer dress would have been my oufit of choice, heck I would probably have just donned a bikini- it was so hot!

Fever Heritage Polka Dot Navy Cream Dress Sun Hat Rainbow Parasol  Pastel Beach Huts

I loved the vintage feel that the polka dot print gave and the jersey material makes it a  a flattering, wearable dress that I will get a lot of use out of.

I felt comfortable wearing it for the long day at Brit Mums- Fever in the morning and Fever all through the night!

ASOS New Look Hummingbird Print Navy Pink Skater Dress

On the Friday night I wore a Navy New Look Hummingbird Bardot Skater Dress from ASOS.  I loved the shape of this dress although it was more fitted and revealing  than I normally feel comfortable wearing.  I adore the pink  hummingbird print...I did try and buy a pink flamingo print dress  recently but sadly it was out of stock.

ASOS New Look Hummingbird Print Navy Pink Skater Dress Navy Cardigan Mia Tui Lottie Claret Bag

I also packed a Navy Cardigan to wear over all the dresses but in this Summer heat I had no need for it!

ASOS Navy Skater Dress Short Sleeves Buttons

On Sunday for the long journey home I wore a Navy ASOS Skater Dress with buttons down the front giving it a casual Shirt Style that I like.  

ASOS Navy Skater Dress Short Sleeves Buttons People Tree Necklace Cardigan

I may well buy this dress in more colours as it is very versatile.  I will layer it up and still get use of it during the colder seasons.

These photos of me are just my quick "send a photo to my sister to check I look OK enough to leave the hotel room" photos, so I do apologise for the colour and quality!


Mia Tui Lottie Claret Bag Notebook Paper Pens Purse Water

My beloved everyday hand bag is my Mia Tui Matilda Mae in Aubergine.  To go with these navy dresses I bought the smaller Mia Tui Lottie in Claret Handbag to wear to Brit Mums.  

Mia Tui Lottie Claret Bag Notebook Paper Pens Purse Water

It worked great- big enough to hold a tablet, notebook and bottle of water, plus my phone and small purse, but not too bulky making it not look out of place at the evening socials.


M&S Footglove Red Patent Mocassins

I wanted to only bring one pair of red shoes but realised that I would also need  a flat pair for walking (miles and miles!) around the streets of London as well as wedge heels so I could reach the mic on Saturday!  So I also packed a pair of red patent moccasins from Marks and Spencers.

Clarks Red Patent Wedge Sandals

These are the heels which I wore for the Keynote Bloggers Reading.  I find wedge shoes more easy to walk in than regular high heels.

Unfortunately, both pairs of shoes did rub the backs of my heels so I am wearing flip flops for a week to recover!  I hope that they will feel comfy again once the blisters have heeled.

This is my fault though for wearing new shoes for a lot of walking and standing instead of breaking them in gradually.  

Hair Accessories and Jewellery

Cath Kidston Red polka Dot Hair Clip Rose Slides

I planned to wear a red heart tattoo style necklace but in the end went for a trio of hearts necklace from People Tree.  

I packed navy and red hair accessories.  In this heat the quickest hairstyle is a  quick bun which I dress up with a red rose garland bobble.  I also love red rose clips and my Red Polka Dot Hair Clip- I wear this for "half up" hair do's but I may try it with a twist and up or a side pony tail this week- if the clip is strong enough for my thick hair...we will see!


I'm hoping to write more about Brit Mums this week but as always (as well as being a fun fabulous weekend!) it was also emotional and mentally exhausting so I'm still taking the time to think about it at the moment and let it all sink in!

What are your tips for packing for Blogging events?  Which shoes do you find offer both style and (most importantly!) comfort?  (I NEED to know this information before the next one!)



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