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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Summer Time Sleep Challenge- How to get a Better Night's Sleep

After the clocks "Spring Forward" it can take many of us longer than we expect to re-adjust our sleeping patterns.  

Our body clocks are so finely tuned that it can be difficult going to bed an hour earlier and often as adults we resist it, however we still need to get up at the same time so that loss of sleep has an effect.

Summertime Sleep Challenge Sun

I thought I had got through this but admit that I have let the kids get all out of routine again due to the recent Easter Holidays.  The weather has been nice and the Sun has been shining, so we have been making the most of those lovely long days and then catching up on our sleep with  a lie-in the following day.

Sadly, this can go on no longer as the kids returned to school yesterday.  With having less sleep than usual we all felt very tired, so I need to to get us all back on track.

One of the biggest problems that my kids find is feels too light and therefore too early to be going to bed.  I have followed some of the advice in Web-Blinds Sleep Guide.

Summertime Sleep Challenge Sun Black Out Blinds Web-Blinds

The must effective solution to the lighter nights is buying and putting up Black Out Blinds in all of our bedroom windows.  

Summertime Sleep Challenge Bed time Stories

I close all the blinds and curtains while the kids are in the bath, so when they get out ready for bedtime stories, they are ready to settle as it really feels like night time.

When we only had curtains up, the sun would sneak in and the kids thought it was too early to sleep.  

Of course, the Sun also helps us wake up in the morning, so I make sure that as soon as I am up and ready, I open everyone's blinds and curtains so they wake up naturally in the sun light.  

School Summer Time Sun Sunshine Wake up Sleep Challenge

If we have time, a walk to school is always a great way to make sure that they are feeling bright and cheerful, ready to learn at school and as Web-Blinds advise in their Sleep Guide:

"The best advice for getting a good night’s sleep is to take in the bright sunshine early in the day and then keep artificial light to a minimum late on so that your bodily cycle starts getting you ready for bed."

What are your tips for getting a good nights sleep in the Summer months?

Web-Blinds challenged me to use their sleep guide to get a better night's sleep in return for items mentioned in the guide (black-out blinds).

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  1. I definitely need to invest in some black out blinds. And that is such a good idea pulling them down while the kids are in the bath! Genius :-)

    All I know, is that blogs are not conducive to a good nights sleep. I get sucked into reading them and then before I know it, the time has whooshed by! ;-)

    Hope you've had a good week!


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