Siblings – April

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, Siblings – April

, Siblings – April

During BlogCamp 2014 on Saturday, I remember talking to Blogger friends and telling them that I also love to take part in the Siblings Linky…as the words were coming out of my mouth I realised that we are well past the tenth of April and I had still not uploaded a siblings shot of my children.

That had to be rectified once I was home!  I was going to flick through my photographs for April as I know that since taking part in this Linky I’m getting better at aiming to get siblings shots on most day outs as well as the spontaneous different arrangements that just happen.

On Sunday, I was so tired after an overnight stay and lots of train journeys.  After spending all that time away from my family, I knew I couldn’t spend my day catching up on the blog when catching up on news, fun and cuddles was far more needed, so Dave suggested an easy day on the beach, which we all love.

We drove to West Dale.  This beach is gorgeous and great for Surf but there is a fairly narrow track to drive down to get to it (well it is Pembrokeshire after all) and I wanted to show this to my readers so that they know when they come and visit the beach.  

We had let the kids walk ahead a little and I just shouted “Can you all stop, please and turn around, so I can take a photo of this track.”  

Looking back at the photos of the day, I realised that  I now had the photos I needed for Siblings and  also the Me and You linky.  

This meant, we could then curl up on the settee and watch a DVD together before one last day of the Easter Holidays.  

We have had a lovely time together and I’m sure they have created lots more wonderful sibling memories to cherish forever.

, Siblings – April

, Siblings – April

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